Firefox Nightly Adds a Total of 10 Extensions on Android

Firefox Nightly Now Supports Pull-to-Refresh Gesture on Android

Firefox Nightly Adds a Total of 10 Extensions on Android

Mozilla is quick to release new updates to improve its mobile browser on Android. The major UI overhaul in July was followed by the addition of several useful features such as a dedicated download page, download manager, and new extensions to name a few. The latest addition to Firefox for Android is the popular pull-to-refresh gesture.

Firefox’s development team has managed to enable pull-to-refresh on the latest Nightly build. As you all might be aware, the pull-to-refresh gesture lets you easily refresh web pages. This way, you don’t have to manually hit the refresh button.

Firefox is certainly not the first browser to integrate pull-to-refresh gesture. Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers have had the feature for quite some time. Nevertheless, Firefox’s implementation of pull-to-refresh brings the browsing experience closer to all the Chromium browsers out there. It is good to see this neat feature finally make its way to Firefox.

Firefox Nightly had implemented pull-to-refresh earlier this year in April. However, the feature rollout had to be postponed since it interfered with other web pages. In fact, the implementation still doesn’t play along with Google Maps and a few other websites like Pinterest.

If you’re interested to experience the bleeding edge of Firefox development and don’t mind running into bugs or potential browser crashes, you can go ahead and download the Nightly build from the link below. The rest of the users are better off waiting for the company to bring the feature to the stable version in the coming weeks.

Download Firefox Nightly (Android)

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