Dyson Corrale is a Hair Straightener that Costs Rs. 37,000

dyson corrale feat.

Dyson, the UK-based company is one of the most popular manufacturers of household products like cool air purifiers and high-tech vacuum cleaners. However, the company started to expand its product line by entering the beauty industry and launching products like the Dyson Airwrap that curls your hair without using any heat. Following the release of the hair curler, Dyson recently launched one of the most expensive (and high-tech, of course) hair straighteners – the Dyson Corrale.

Now, fair warning, Dyson is an expensive brand and if you want to get your hands on this straightener, be ready to shed some cash. As we are speaking about the price, the Corrale comes with a price tag of $499 (~Rs 37,000). Yep, you read that right!

Well, 37k for a hair straightener sounds insane, however, the company did pack some impressive tech inside the product that might get your money’s worth. First of all, unlike other hair straighteners that use cords for the connection, the Dyson Corrale gives you the option to go wireless. It comes with 4 cell lithium-ion battery that can be recharged and a single charge will give the straightener 30 minutes of juice. However, for a longer hair-styling session, you can even connect the Corrale with the magnetic charger that comes in the box.

So, you’re thinking 37k only for wireless functionality? Well, not really. The highlighting feature of the Corrale lies in-between those two hands. The flexing plate technology! The company integrated two magnesium copper plates that are actually flexible. This means that the straightener will adapt itself to gather more of your hair to straighten. Also, according to the company, as the Corrale uses much less heat and compression than any other hair straighteners, it causes 50% less damage to the hair.

The company also gave the hair straightener a platinum sensor to control the temperature of the flexible plates. This sensor is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the plates 100 times per second to keep them stable.

Now, if you think that these features are worth spending Rs 37,000, then you might as well get the Dyson Corrale here.

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