Dune Recap: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Watching Dune 2

In Short
  • Dune 2 will be released globally on March 1, 2024, and is already getting glowing reviews from critics.
  • The sequel will follow the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) who is going to avenge his father.
  • The important of Spice, House Atreides, and the Fremen tribe are explained. Paul will grow into the leader of the Fremen in Dune: Part Two.

Ahead of its worldwide release on March 1, Dune: Part Two has been breaking all charts, scoring a straight 10 rating on IMDb with initial reviews. However, the mythology in the world of Dune is sometimes hard to keep account of. If you watched Dune a long time ago and are now planning to watch the highly acclaimed sequel, Dune: Part 2, it’s time to brush up on that knowledge. To ease that process, we have prepared a Dune: Part One recap detailing 5 things you need to know before you watch Dune 2.

Spoiler Warning: Proceed with caution. This article includes major spoilers for the story of Dune: Part One.

1. The Politics of Spice

Dune Part one Recap (The politics of Spice)
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So, first of all, it is essential to know the very base of the conflict we explore in Dune. Dune is set in the far future where because of intergalactic travel, the old system of Kings and Dukes, also known as the feudal system has been restored.

An Emperor ruled over the whole of the Intergalactic Empire called Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. Under him, all other planets are looked after and ruled by noble houses or Dukes who receive direct benefits from how well the economic and industrial sectors are doing under them.

In the Dune universe, melange, also known as Spice, is the most valuable resource out there. It is a powerful drug that is a recreational hallucinogen and also provides immeasurable health benefits. The whole economy in the world of Dune revolves around this spice and the one who controls it has a clear path towards political and economic power.

2. The War of Arrakis

The War of Akkaris
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The Spice we just talked about is found in abundance on a desert planet called Arrakis. However, due to the whole planet being covered in a vast desert, the conditions there are very harsh. There is little to no water, and the planet is crawling with gigantic desert worms killing everything that comes their way.

At the very beginning of the first Dune movie, we get to know that House Atreides has been given the responsibility to look after the production of Spice on Arrakis.

Now, Arrakis is the home to an indigenous tribe called the Fremen who have adapted wonderfully to the harsh conditions of the planet. There has been a conflict between Fremens and the other Houses who have taken control of Arrakis. However, Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) wants to change this and as soon as he takes control of the planet, he starts attempting to form an alliance with the Fremens.

Amidst all this, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgård), the head of the rival House Harkonnen wants to overthrow House Atreides because the planet was taken over by the House Atreides.

Baron invades Arrakis and orchestrates a coup with the help of the Sardaukar army. Harkonnen’s attack stands successful, and he takes control of the planet overthrowing House Atreides. Leto is captured, but he sacrifices his life trying to assassinate the Baron who escapes narrowly from the attempt.

3. The Chosen One

The Chosen One
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Coming to the protagonist of this series, Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet, is the son of Duke Leto and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). He is widely seen as a Messiah of Arrakis or ‘The Chosen One’ who is destined to save his people from tyranny.

Paul possesses exceptional powers because of his mother who is a Bene Gesserit, a member of a secret society of women who train themselves in the mystic arts of telekinesis and mind control, also called The Voice. Their powers allow them to control anyone they want using a particular vocal tone. Jessica had been training Paul in this art since he was born.

The Bene Gesserit have an age-old prophecy that states one day Kwisatz Haderach will be born from one of them. Bene Gesserit gave birth to only female heirs, but the prophecy states that one day a male heir will be born and will be called Kwisatz Haderach, a powerful being who will be capable of doing great things.

Since Paul is born into a royal family and possesses exceptional powers, the Reverand Mother thinks that he could be the Kwisatz Haderach.

Stilgar, played on-screen by Javier Bardem, the leader of the Fremen, also believes in their folklore prophecy stating that a savior from the outer worlds will come to Arrakis and lead the Fremen into a world of prosperity and peace.

When Paul and Jessica escape from the attack by Harkonnens and seek refuge in the desert, they join ranks with the Fremens with the name Muad’Dib. This leads Stilgar to gradually believe that Paul is the savior his tribe has been waiting for all along.

4. Role of Zendaya as Chani in Dune 2

The Role of Zendaya as Chani in Dune 2
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Talking about a recap, the one thing people complained about a lot in the first Dune movie was the screen time given to Zendaya as a cast member of Dune. She is seen in a few dream sequences and only by the end of the first movie. However, she is going to play a much bigger role in Dune: Part 2 as compared to the first installment.

The dreams Paul had indicate a deeper connection he is going to establish with Chani in Dune: Part 2 but where we will see Chani, along with Stilgar train Paul in the ways of the Fremen.

5. Dune Part One Ending Explained

Dune Part One Ending Explained
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So, to end this recap, by the end of Dune: Part One, we get to see that Paul and Jessica narrowly escape being killed and bump into the Fremens. Paul earns the respect of the Fremens when he defeats one of their finest combatants in a matter of minutes. He along with Stilgar and Chani is ready to live up to his destiny of leading the Fremen.

Even though Paul is reluctant to be a king or a leader at the beginning of the movie, it seems that he is fueled by the will to avenge the death of his father towards the end. Along with this, now, he has a group of people, an army to fight alongside him once he becomes one of them pointing towards him becoming their leader and leading them into battle in Dune 2.

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