Dune Part 3 Is Officially in the Works with Dennis Villeneuve, Confirms Legendary

Legendary Confirms Dune Part 3 is Officially In The Works With Dennis Villeneuve
In Short
  • Denis Villeneuve, as per a recent update, will be working with Legendary to adapt "Nuclear War: A Scenario" written by Annie Jacobson
  • During this revelation, Legendary also confirmed that they are working with Denis on Dune Part 3.
  • As of now, we do not have an official release date for Dune Part 3 but we expect it to release somewhere by the end of 2026 or in the mid of 2027.

After the massive success of Dune Part 2, people have been looking forward to an official announcement of the commencement of Dune Part 3 to relieve the majestic experience of Dune 2. However, even though we knew that Dune Part 3 would certainly be made, there was little to no official confirmation of the pre-production but that seems to have changed. A recent report brought to us by Variety has confirmed that Dune Part 3 is officially in the works.

In their report, Variety said that Denis Villeneuve is uniting with Legendary once again to adapt “Nuclear War: A Scenario” a Pulitzer prize finalist work written by Annie Jacobson. Now along with this, Variety also said that it is now confirmed that Dune Part 3 is in the works with Legendary and Denis Villeneuve working together.

The filming might not start very soon because Dune Part 2 is still making money at the Box Office. However, according to Denis Villeneuve’s statement to the South Korean press, the script for Dune Part 3, or Dune Messiah is almost finished. So, we can expect filming to begin anytime in late 2024 or early 2025. Considering that Dune Part 1 and Dune Part 2 have a three-year gap between them, we can expect Dune Part 3 to come out by late 2026 or mid-2027. Other than that, whenever we get our hands on any new information about the upcoming movie, we will be the first ones to let you folks know. Till then, Stay tuned!

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