Disney Launches its Online Store in India

disney online shop india

Have you ever wanted to buy Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney collectibles, toys, and games in India? Short of third party retailers, we pretty much have had no options so far. However, Disney has now finally launched its official online store, ShopDisney, in the country.

As you would expect, the store brings items from all of Disney’s properties, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney itself. You can get Marvel toys, and Frozen plushies for anyone in your life that loves Elsa and Olaf, and there are quite a lot of other items as well, including the Infinity Gauntlet, which will set you back by Rs. 9,999.

“With shopDisney, our endeavour is to bring genuine Disney licensed products inspired by our stories and characters to every household in the country” said Disney India Executive Director,  Sanjeet Mehta. “shopDisney will extend the magic of Disney and be a truly immersive experience for kids and families wherever and whenever they want.”

However, as excited as you may be right now at the prospect of Disney’s store in India, its selection is quite limited right now. Most surprising of all is the lack of any items from The Mandalorian, which is honestly the only Disney-owned TV show I’m interested in getting items from. I mean, bring Baby Yoda to India, please.

Still, if you have young kids in your house, or a loved one who really loves Frozen, or Marvel branded bags, headphones, etc, ShopDisney does have a selection of those items to choose from. That, and of course the Infinity Gauntlet to fulfill your fantasy of wielding the power of the Infinity Stones.

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