Kingdom Hearts Animated Movie Rumored to Be in the Works at Disney

Kingdom Hearts
Image Courtesy: Square Enix
In Short
  • Kingdom Hearts is a popular video game franchise from Square Enix.
  • While fans await Kingdom Hearts 4, a rumor states that a movie adaptation is under development.
  • Disney is reportedly working on the project but there's no official confirmation.

While the avid gamers look forward to Kingdom Hearts 4, a rumor has surfaced online that has surprised every fan of the popular franchise. Disney has blessed us with several great animation projects over the years, so every fan looks forward to hearing what project the studio is eyeing next. Well, a rumor states that the studio is currently working on an animated film adaptation of Kingdom Hearts.

Disinsider reveals that an animation film of Kingdom Hearts is in the works at Disney. However, the source also confirms that no official announcement regarding this exciting possibility has been made yet, leaving fans in a state of suspense and curiosity.

Interestingly, a few days back, the reputed leakster DanielRPK also disclosed about the animated film. So, there are possibilities that we get to hear about an official confirmation.

“Well, to get one thing out the way, Disney is developing an animated Kingdom Hearts movie. While years back I had heard the idea was to do something on Disney+, more recently I have heard the goal would be big screen adaptation, but as of now, these are just rumblings and nothing has been greenlit. Disney may have more of an interest on actual gaming instead of developing movies based on video games… Prince of Persia and Need For Speed were both duds for Disney.”- Skyler Schuler (Disinsider)”

When the rumors started surfacing on X, fans started showing their disagreement. For instance, one fan says, ‘No, don’t let them touch it,’ ‘Please don’t ruin this !’ says another. Several users are happy with the news, but they think that a film won’t do justice to the content, so they believe it should be a TV series instead.

Moreover, on Reddit, a user suggests that it often gets difficult to adapt a video game into a film. So, it would be a great deal if the franchise’s theme is used to craft an original story.

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that has received merchandise, spin-offs, manga, and light novels. A TV series was also announced in 2003, but it never was greenlit. Besides that, on May 27, 2020, the Kingdom Hearts TV series was reported to be in development, but it’s been four years, and we haven’t got any news about it.

So, it would be safe to assume that the project has been taken down once again. Now, it would be interesting to see if Disney is working on a film adaptation of Kingdom Hearts and if the project will survive or be dusted like all the previous ones.

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