Direct Sharing to Twitter Coming Soon to Xbox One

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is a very good console platform but it still lacks some features which would put it on parity with Sony PlayStation. The recent release of the Xbox One X showed Microsoft is capable if producing great hardware.

While the console offers great features such as 4K HDR Xbox One X Enhanced games and backwards compatibility, the one thing that users have complained about for a long time on the entire lineup of Xbox One consoles is the image sharing scenario. Well, it looks like things are finally about to change.

As a gamer, apart from winning accolades in the game, the next best thing is sharing them with your friends. However, if you’re an Xbox One user who wishes to share his/her achievements on Twitter, things have certainly been rough. Currently, if you had to share a screenshot on Twitter, the service would put up a link on Twitter that redirects to, instead of a direct and simple upload to the Twitter picture system.

Twitter no Attachment Xbox One

Thankfully, as tweeted by Jason Beaumont, Experience Lead for Xbox and PC Gaming, Xbox is working on bringing the direct sharing feature for Twitter to the Xbox One console as part of future updates. Earlier, people needed to click on the link to see the screenshot. But as part of the newly proposed update, images will be attached like a regular post in the tweet only.

The feature is a heavily requested one since the issue has long been persistent for Xbox One gamers. While there are users who haven’t faced any such issues while sharing their in-game screenshots, the fact is that Twitter sharing on Xbox One has rather been inconsistent, as also discussed by many Redditors.

Personally, I love this new change. As someone who spends a lot of time annihilating opponents in Halo on Xbox One, the ability to share screenshots on Twitter directly is a welcome change. But what about you? Have you faced any such issues while sharing your screenshots on Twitter, and are you excited for the new update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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