This Popular Character Will Not Reappear in HOTD Season 2, Says Creator

Cregan Stark and Jacaerys from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: IMDb

The much-awaited second season of House of the Dragon is here, and it has overwhelmed the fandom by bringing several popular characters to life from the pages of George R.R Martin’s books. Fans were waiting to witness a popular character from House Stark making his debut in Season 2. Well, we indeed got to see him in the first episode of the intriguing season, but recently, a piece of saddening news about the character has started surfacing, and fans are disappointed.

Cregan Stark Will Not Be Seen Again in HOTD Season 2

Cregan Stark and Jacaerys from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Cregan Stark‘s debut in House of the Dragon has been long-awaited. When the 22-year-old actor Tom Taylor was announced to portray the massive role, everyone got more excited. Well, the happiness only stayed for a little while as, in an interview, Ryan Condal, the showrunner, revealed that even though Cregan is a crucial character in the world of HOTD, he will not reappear in further episodes of the TV Series. The statement coming directly from the showrunner was enough to devastate the hopes of the viewers.

House Stark is one of the most influential houses in Game of Thrones, as well as in House of the Dragon, so no one expected to see Cregan Stark for such a short time. Also, for the unacquainted, Ned Stark, whom you met in the first season of GOT, was from Cregan Stark’s bloodline.

Furthermore, in the books, Cregan has played a crucial role in Dance of the Dragons. So it’s obviously not a piece of good news that we will not be getting more of him in the remaining episodes of HOTD Season 2.

In the concluding moments of Season 1, Jacaerys is sent to the North to meet the head of the House Stark and seek support from him. Now that he has agreed to be on Rhaenyra’s side, we were expecting to see him in some action during the war.

However, the announcement about Cregan not being a part of HOTD Season 2 for further episodes has been made, we shall keep our fingers crossed and wait to see him return in Season 3 instead.

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