Who Is Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon Season 2

After the breathtaking finale episode of House of the Dragon Season 1, every fan knew what they could expect from the second season. House Green and House Black have started looking for additional support from the powerful houses of Westeros. While Lucerys approached House Baratheon before meeting his untimely demise, Jacaerys headed towards House Stark to see Cregan Stark. We will certainly see Cregan Stark playing a crucial role in the war getting featured in the upcoming season. However, before the fictional character from the book debuts in the anticipated season of HOTD, let’s find out who is Cregan Stark and what role he could play in the House of the the Dragon Season 2.

Who Is Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon
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Also recognized as the Wolf of the North, Cregan Stark became the heir of the Stark dynasty following the demise of his father, Rickon Stark. At the time of his father’s death, Cregan was a minor, so until he came to the age of majority, the responsibilities of the throne were taken care of by his uncle, Bennard.

However, his uncle wasn’t ready to give up on the powers he had, so Cregan imprisoned him and his sons. Furthermore, after reclaiming control of the entire empire, he worked on his leadership qualities and evolved into one of the finest swordsmen.

Rickon Stark appeared in Season 1, and we saw him vowing to protect Rhanaerya’s rights. In the books, Rickon passes away sometime before the Dance of the Dragons, so it’s evident that Cregan, who serves as his father’s successor, will fulfill the promise his father made to King Viserys.

Cregan Stark’s Role in House of the Dragon Season 2

Jacaerys would ask Cregan Stark to stand in support of his mother during the Dance of the Dragons, so we will certainly see him backing up the Blacks during the war. Besides that, as per the books, we will also see Cregan and Jacaerys growing close to each other as brothers. Cregan lost his younger brother sometime back, so he will start seeing his image in Jacaerys. However, Jacaerys would be getting involved in a romantic relationship with Sara Snow, Cregan’s half-sister, which would make him angry.

Cregan agrees to forgive Jacaerys only if he promises to wed his firstborn daughter to Cregan’s son, Rickon. We don’t know if the second season will show the Civil War ending with a winner, but all we know is that Cregan Stark and his army will be seen fully in action in the anticipated season. Moreover, we will also see Jacaerys getting decent screen time and playing a major role he couldn’t get in the first season.

The 22-year-old Tom Taylor has been cast by the creators to play this prominent character from the books. So, it will be a sight to behold to see a young character locking horns with the combatants who are way older than him.

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