House of the Dragon Season 2: Lady Jeyne Arryn Set Up for a Major Role in Dance of Dragons

House of the Dragon Season 2 kicked off with a bang. The premiere episode laid the foundation for the upcoming war; fans can’t wait to witness it. While the first episode also brought several new faces, including Cregan Stark and Blood and Cheese, there are some who were mentioned in the episode. One among the mentioned ones is Lady Jeyne Arryn, who plays a crucial role in Dance of the Dragons. So, before the character debuts on the TV show, let’s delve deeper to learn who she is.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from George R.R Martin’s books for the upcoming episodes of House of the Dragon Season 2.

Who Is Lady Jeyne Arryn in House of The Dragon

The Maiden of Vale and the Lady of the Eyrie, Lady Jeyne Arryn, led the House Arryn during the reigns of the most influential Targaryen kings, including Jaehaerys I. Following the death of her father and elder brothers, Lady Jeyne became the Head of Eyrie. However, at the time of her coronation, she was merely three years old, so Lord Yorbert Royce took care of her needs until she came of age. In the books, her cousins tried to snatch her inheritance several times, but they failed each time, and eventually, she became the Lady of Eyrie.

Lady Jayne Arynn’s Role in Dance of Dragons

Before the commencement of the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaenyra sends Jacaerys to approach Cregan Stark and Lady Jeyne Arryn. Despite her strong dislike for Daemon Targaryen, Lady Jeyne agrees to support the Blacks as Rhaenyra’s biological mother belonged to House Arryn. However, she asks the Blacks to provide her with a dragon to guard the Vale and protect them from the Greens.

During the battle, Rhaenyra sends her third son, Joffrey, to Vale with his young dragon, fulfilling her promise to Lady Jeyne. However, Munkun reveals that Jacaerys intended to keep his younger brother safe, and that’s why he sent him to Vale. Lady Jeyne plays a significant role in Dance of the Dragons. After the Storming of the Dragonpit, she was ready to send her troops by sea to support Rhaenyra’s army, but the Queen failed to provide ships.

By the end of the Dance of Dragons, Lady Jeyne Arynn was one of the few survivors of the brutal war. After the war ended, she served King Aegon (Rhynearya’s son) when he was crowned.

There are several instances where Lady Jeyne can win the hearts of the fandom. However, let’s see if the TV Series will do justice to the character or if she will also get an underwhelming experience like Blood and Cheese.

Who Plays Lady Jeyne in HOTD

Lady Jeyne will be portrayed by the Danish actress Amanda Collin, who is highly recognized for her performance in another HBO Max show, Raised By Wolves. Besides that, she has also worked in several other renowned works, including Splitting Up Together and A Terrible Woman.

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