Spotiplus Lets You Create Cool Graphic Covers for Your Spotify Playlists From Scratch

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If you are an avid playlist-creator on Spotify, then I am sure you must agonize over creating cool playlist covers. Well, I feel you and so does mobile software engineer, Pandu Shree (@PanduShree4), who created an amazing tool to let you easily create awesome covers for your Spotify playlists.

Dubbed as Spotiplus, it is one of the most useful tools for Spotify playlist creators to design their very own, custom cover art for their playlists. It comes with an array of customizing options to create album covers or playlist covers from scratch.

“I believe that Photoshop is an excellent design editor however it requires a huge learning curve to design a simple playlist cover. With that in mind, I tried to simplify the experience and make an easy-to-use editor that offers only the necessary tools to design the cover in no-time,” wrote the creator of the app.

Create Cool Covers for Your Spotify Playlists

Now, Spotiplus is an Android-only app and is available on the Google Play Store. It weighs in at a mere size of 4.5MB. It recently crossed 1500 downloads on the Play Store and is a much-loved app amongst users.

So, I installed it on a friend’s Android device and used it for a bit, and it was awesome. There are a lot of customizing options to create your own personalized graphic covers for the playlists.

For starters, you can choose the background color, add custom texts in various fonts, and add cool graphic designs on top of your backdrop. You can also choose pictures from your own library to add as a background to your cover.

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Moreover, the creator linked the Spotify API with the cover-creating tool to let users add the covers directly to Spotify, right from the app itself. So, after you create your own playlist cover, you can add it to your designated Spotify playlist “with 1 simple button click”.

So, if you also want to create cool graphic covers like these, then you can download Spotiplus right now from the Play Store.

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