Can You Use Left Hand Viewmodel in Counter-Strike 2?

Are you searching for how to switch to the left-hand model in CS2? We also wanted to do the same after getting access to Counter-Strike 2, so we combed through the developer console commands to find the answer. In this guide, we have answered this question and explained if it’s possible to use the left-hand viewmodel in Counter-Strike 2. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right in!

Is Left-Hand View Possible in Counter Strike 2?

Let’s not beat around the bush, NO, players cannot use left-handed perspective in Counter-Strike 2, for now at least. To use the left-hand viewmodel in CS2, something players could do in CS:GO, we will have to wait for Valve to add the feature. The developers had previously added cl_showfps and net graph commands in CS2, which did not exist in previous beta versions.

So, it should be a matter of time for Valve to implement the left-hand viewmodel. Previously, players could use the “cl_righthand” console command with values 0 or 1 to toggle between left and right-hand viewmodels, respectively. We expect the cl_righthand command to get added in CS2 later on, allowing users to easily swap between left and right-hand viewmodels.

Still, Valve has provided players with a few model commands that can be used after enabling the developer console. So, we have shown how to customize your viewmodel as per your needs below. We have also given a unique preset as an alternate left-hand viewmodel in CS2. With that said, here is a step-by-step guide for customizing your view model in CS2:

How to Customize CS2 Viewmodel Settings

1. Start by enabling the developer console in CS2. To do this, open Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top left.

how to open Counter Strike 2 settings

2. Then, go to the Game section. Here, you will find the Enable Developer Console (~) setting. Set this to “Yes” from the drop-down menu.

how to enable Counter Strike 2 developer console

3. Next, join a match in Counter-Strike 2. You can also go to the practice mode to avoid interruptions.

4. Press the ‘~’ key on your keyboard; it’s present right above the Tab key. The developer console will open, and this is where you can type your commands and edit the view model.

5. We can now start with editing the player perspective, aka the CS2 viewmodel. To increase or decrease your weapon field of view (FOV), use the below command. You can set a value between 54 to 68 here. In the below command, replace where it says <number> with your preferred FOV value.

viewmodel_fov <number>

6. After entering the above command and your preferred value in your console, press the Enter key. You will be able to see the change in-game.

counter strike 2 cs2 viewmodel settings customization

7. Counter-Strike 2 also offers the option to edit your viewmodel’s placement. Effectively, the viewmodel_offset commands below let you change the weapon’s positioning on the X, Y, and Z axis, respectively.

Replace the <number> tag below with your preferred value. You can set a value between -3 to 3. Note that the negative sign means you can set values under or above 0 as well. Using 0 would make the view neutral.

viewmodel_offset_x <number>
viewmodel_offset_y <number>
viewmodel_offset_z <number>

8. Remember that you need to enter the commands in the console one by one. After entering a command, you need to press Enter to see the changes in-game. Go ahead and customize your CS2 player viewmodel for each axis. These changes will be saved automatically. So, the next time you launch Counter-Strike 2, you will have the same player perspective that you customized here.

9. This is how my game looks after customizing the CS2 view model using the above commands to my personal taste. I’m a left-hand viewmodel player, and I personally think this is a good alternative for left-hand POV players, at least for the time being. I’ve tried to position the gun in the middle to give me more viewing space and better focus on enemies. The FOV has been maximized too.

counter strike 2 cs2 viewmodel settings customization
My current Counter-Strike 2 alternative view model settings, as a left-hand POV player

10. To get the above suggested customized CS2 view model, you can copy and paste the below command into your developer console in its entirety. Do press Enter after inputting the command, to apply your changes. Then, your player perspective will become the same, as shown above.

viewmodel_fov 68; viewmodel_offset_x -3; viewmodel_offset_y 3; viewmodel_offset_z -3

And voila! You have learned how to customize your CS2 ViewModel with ease. We will definitely update this guide once we have an official cl_righthand command for the left hand ViewModel in Counter-Strike 2. Till then, try our suggested preset!

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