New CS2 Patch Finally Brings Community Maps!

In Short
  • A brand-new CS2 patch adds many bug fixes and over five new community maps.
  • Memento and Assembly have joined the 2 vs 2 Wingman mode, while Pool Day joins the Arms Day rotation.
  • Similarly, Thera and Mills join the casual, deathmatch, and competitive rotation pool.

CS2 patches are known to bring some exciting new stuff to the game occasionally. Well, the latest Counter-Strike 2 patch released on June 25 is adding the first batch of community maps to the game. The 5GB CS2 Steam update will allow the community to check out new maps outside the popular rotation. And each of them brings a new kind of flavor to every game mode in CS2.

One of the first two community maps in Counter-Strike 2 is Memento and Assembly. These two maps will join the Wingman mode, where two players team up to gain the upper hand against the opponent duo.

Memento CS2
Image Courtesy: Valve

Memento follows an Italian wedding theme and looks exceptionally beautiful at first glance. Assembly follows an airplane manufacturing factory, scattered with stairs, a truck, and a green Jet!

The next set of CS2 community maps is for the Arms Race mode. The mode will get the brand-new Pool Day map. It is as simple as it gets – a pool room where players can dip while taking out their opponents. It might not be as vibrant as the Wingman additions, but it gives that indoor pool feel for summer.

Pool Day Map CS2

The final community maps joining CS2 are Thera and Mills. These maps will join the casual, competitive, and deathmatch rotations. Thera looks quite distinct, having a similar vibe to the Overwatch 2 map Illios in some ways. Mills, on the other hand, have giant windmills.

It is worth mentioning that all new CS2 community maps are inspired by the existing maps. So, you’ll see some familiar items and placements. The CS2 patch also brings a revamped MVP display, including custom post-round animations, and ranked match requirement reduction for competitive rank placement.

So do you plan on playing the new CS2 community maps? Let us know in the comments below!

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