The “Couch Console” Is a Customizable Container To Keep Your Controller, Snacks & More

Couch console customizable container

Surfing through Indiegogo, one can find some pretty cool gadgets and accessories open for funding. Over the years, we have seen some unique products like the PodChain or the Alice smartphone camera pop up on the platform. However, the product I found recently is not related to tech, per se. It is essentially a modified container with various nifty features to aid your work from home experience.

The Couch Console

Dubbed the Couch Console, it is a lightweight tiffin-box-looking container that comes with multiple slots and compartments to store your controllers, hold your snacks and drinks, and even charge your phone. It is developed by New York-based startup Ebite Inc and is currently in its funding stage.

Couch console customizable container

The accessory looks like any other storage container. However, on the top, there is a compartment to hold your drink and another one beside that to hold your snacks. The drink compartment even comes with a self-balancing ring that wraps around your glass or bottle to avoid spillage.

On the other side, there is a lid under which you can keep things like cables, remote controllers, TWS earbuds, and other small accessories. On top of the lid, there is also a long groove that you can use to rest your phone at an angle.

Couch console customizable container

While you rest your smartphone on the Couch Console, you can also use its USB-C port to charge your device. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, if you think that these features make the Couch Console cool, I think you are going to want to get it after hearing that you can even customize the compartments to fit your needs. So, if you do not need the snacks compartment, you can replace it with two smaller compartments to store other things.

Price and Availability

Coming to its price and availability, the company is currently running a campaign for the product on Indiegogo. It has already raised over $2.5 million from more than 17,500 backers, as of writing this article. You can also fund the campaign and in turn, pre-book one Couch Console for $89 (~Rs 6,699). The company will start shipping the products from July 2021.

Check out the official promo for the product right below.

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