There’s a Color Palette in iOS 12’s Screenshot Editor

With iOS 11, Apple introduced a new screenshot editing tool called ‘Instant Markup’ that let you quickly edit and markup a screenshot and share it without having to head over to Photos, and engaging in the comparatively longer process of doing the same.

With iOS 12, Apple has added a new color palette to the screenshot editor, so you now have a much wider range of colors to choose from while editing your screenshots. This might not be helpful to people like yours truly who only ever markup their screenshots in red, but for anyone who likes to markup screenshots with different colors that match what’s in the image, (like our social media manager, George), this is definitely a pretty cool feature.

Accessing it is straightforward as well. When you open the markup tool after taking a screenshot, you can tap on the dot of color on the extreme right, and you’ll find the color palette icon.

There’s a Color Palette in iOS 12’s Screenshot Editor
True to what I said above, this mark up is in red too.

Simply tap on this palette icon and you’ll get the palette of colors, shades and all. It’s pretty cool, even if I’ll personally not really use it very often.

There are a bunch of other hidden-ish features in iOS 12 as well, including the ability to AirDrop passwords, auto-detect OTPs, quickly scan documents, and a lot lot more.

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