ChromeOS 124 Brings Material You Settings, Split Screen Updates, and More

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In Short
  • ChromeOS 124 update is now rolling out to all Chromebooks.
  • It brings a redesigned Settings app which looks similar to Settings on Android tablets.
  • ChromeOS 124 also brings improved split settings and QoS to improve buffering during video streaming and gaming.

If there’s one operating system that has improved drastically over the past few years, it’s ChromeOS. Google rolled out new features such as custom keyboard and mouse shortcuts in ChromeOS 123 and now seems to be rolling out ChromeOS 124 with many improvements. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One of the major changes you will see upfront is with the Settings app. It looks more in line with the Settings app you would find on an Android tablet. It now has Material You theme at every corner, and each option in the app opens its own container rather than opening a continuous feed of options.

Redesined settings

While options such as Network, Bluetooth, Connected devices, Accounts, and Devices remain unchanged, there are new options such as Wallpaper and style, and System preferences.

ChromeOS 124 Brings Material You Settings, Split Screen Updates, and More

Split-screen computing has also improved, as ChromeOS will now show you an overview of Windows on the other side when you enter the split screen. ChromeOS also has a new Quality of Service feature that ensures better traffic optimization on congested Wi-Fi networks during video calls and gaming.

ChromeOS 124 Update

Google has also added Fast Pair support for mice in ChromeOS 124. Bring your Bluetooth accessory closer and Chromebook will automatically ask if you want to connect to it. Speaking of mice, you can now enlarge or shrink the cursor by going to Settings > Accessibility > Cursor and touchpad.

And that’s pretty much it in the ChromeOS 124 update. Overall, these improvements should make the user experience better. And we can’t wait to see what Google has for us in store in future ChromeOS updates.

With Google I/O right around the corner, we can expect them to announce new ChromeOS features soon. What are your thoughts about ChromeOS? Let us know in the comments below.

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