Date: 03-14-12
Location: NBL
Subject: Expedition 35 (Soyuz 33S) crew members Tom Marshburn and Chris Hadfield during EVA training at the NBL.
Photographer: James Blair

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Amazing Tweets From Space [Organised]

Last year, I wrote a post about most epic tweets ever and my favorite one was the first Tweet sent from the space by astronaut TJ Creamer.

Today, I am going to share something related to that only but much more exciting. Some best pictures and videos which you would never be able to see, If social media sites like Twitter or Facebook haven’t existed.

Here’s the story, Chris Hadfield, first Canadian astronaut to walk in space almost a decade ago. He is once again out of this planet working on the International space station, experimenting with some new technologies and what not. He left planet Earth on December 20, 2012 but he is still connected to all of us via social media. Here’s how,

He has been tweeting from there, since last one month because he don’t want to keep this amazing experience to himself only. His Tweets contains, amazing pictures of our very own earth from the space and some awesome videos too.

I am sharing his best tweets here, in the chronological order,

He hasn’t stopped yet. You can follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter for upcoming amazing Tweets. Here’s the Link.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Share it with you friends and also count the number of tweets which i have shared (If possible) because I couldn’t keep the count. Thank you for reading.


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