Check out this Rs 30 Lakh iPhone 13 Pro Max with a Custom Laser-Engraved QR Code

Check out the Rs 30 Lakhs iPhone 13 Pro Max That Comes with a Custom, Laser-Engraved QR Code

If you are into luxury electronic devices and iPhones, I’m sure you have heard about the Russian iPhone modders and luxury brand Caviar by now. The company manufactures over-the-top iPhones that come with extravagant price tags, and its latest Digital Signature collection is no different. Their new iPhone 13 Pro Digital Signature series by Caviar comes with a custom-made QR code engraved with gold-plated titanium at the back that can contain the link to your digital business card, your social media profile, or pretty much anything you want.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Digital Signature Series

Caviar has released three models of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max under its new Digital Signature series – QR Matrix, Black Card, and Golden Card. While the former two are budget-centric models (in terms of Caviar, at least), the Golden Card model starts at $35,370 (~Rs 26,30,000). So, let’s take a quick look at the iPhones individually.

However, before we move on, it is worth mentioning that the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro models come with the same specs as the standard ones. It is just the physical design of the device that has been elevated.

iPhone 13 Pro/ Pro Max QR Matrix

Starting with the QR Matrix model, this one comes in a black-bronze finish along with a custom-made QR code engraved at the back. The back panel is made of satin-brushed black PVD-coated titanium. The QR code and the back design, on the other hand, are laser-engraved on the device.

Coming to the price, the QR Matrix model starts at $6,370 (~Rs 4,73,657) for the base iPhone 13 Pro 128GB model and goes up to $7,980 (~Rs 5,93,372) for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB variant.

iPhone 13 Pro/ Pro Max Black Card

Coming to the Black Card model, unlike the previous one, this one comes with an all-black design with a gold laser-engraved QR code and intricate detailing at the back. You can encrypt any information in the gold QR code at the back, including your vaccination certificate or a business card.

As for the price, it is a little bit cheaper than the QR matrix model. It starts at $6,220 (~Rs 4,62,503) for the base 128GB model of iPhone 13 Pro and goes up to $7,830 (~Rs 5,22,119) for the Pro Max 1TB variant.

iPhone 13 Pro/ Pro Max Golden Card

Now, the Golden Card edition in the series is the priciest model of the bunch as its entire body is made of 18K solid gold. There is a unique design at the back of the device along with the custom QR code. And unlike the other models of the series, the Golden Card edition comes with gold-colored side rails and gold-colored rings around the back cameras.

Coming to the pricing, the Golden Card edition starts at a whopping price of $35,370 (~Rs 26,30,024) for the iPhone 13 Pro 128GB model and goes up to a mind-boggling price of $41,060 (~Rs 30,53,118) for the 13 Pro Max 1TB variant.

Now, as for the availability of the Caviar Digital Signature series, the iPhones are currently available to buy on Caviar’s official website. You can check them out from right here.So, would you buy a Digital Signature iPhone 13 model from Caviar? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comments below.

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