ChatGPT Gets an Official iOS App; Brings Voice Input, Chat History & More

OpenAI launches ChatGPT ios App

ChatGPT has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence and its innovation. Even though the market includes some of the best ChatGPT alternatives, they haven’t been able to beat the GPT-4 LLM and ChatGPT plugins. However, a big problem people had with the AI bot was they had to use ChatGPT on Android and iOS through workarounds. However, that is finally changing as OpenAI has launched the official ChatGPT iOS app with a variety of features. Check out all the details below!

ChatGPT App Will Have All the Features People Love

While one would expect the newly launched app to be barebones, that’s not the case. In a blog post by OpenAI, the company revealed that the official ChatGPT has full support for Chat history and seamless syncing. That also means users will be able to effortlessly search across their chat history for past conversations. So if you are someone looking to save and share ChatGPT conversations, sorting through them should get even easier.

Courtesy: Logan.GPT @ Twitter

OpenAI has also integrated its Whisper API into the app, which brings voice-to-text support to ChatGPT for the first time. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will naturally also get access to the latest GPT-4 models along with browsing and plugin support. As for the app itself, it has a clean and minimal UI, which looks quite neat.


As was expected, the ChatGPT iOS is fully free to use and keep beside the Plus subscription. OpenAI has mentioned the app is being rolled out only to the United States for now and will expand to other countries in the coming weeks. If you live in the US and have an iPhone, you can download the official ChatGPT iOS app (Get) here.

Android users will have to wait for a few more weeks to get the ChatGPT mobile app. When it comes to safety, OpenAI mentions that it will continue to update the app with “continuous feature and safety improvements for ChatGPT” as it gathers user feedback.

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