ChatGPT’s New Feature Will Make It Easy to Analyse Files from Cloud Storage

ChatGPT Context Connector
In Short
  • Right now, ChatGPT doesn't allow you to directly fetch your online files from your desired cloud storage platforms.
  • However, new info shows a new ChatGPT Context Connector feature that lets you access your Google Drive and OneDrive files.
  • The feature is not available publicly yet, so this is just an early look at it.

While the free version of ChatGPT is good enough, it’s ChatGPT Plus that lets you tap into the chatbot’s true potential. Going premium lets you use a variety of different useful plugins that allow you to upload files and drop queries related to them to the chatbot. However, one thing that we’ve always missed out on has been the ability to fetch our online files from cloud storage platforms. A new leak shows that you may finally be able to do so soon, thanks to the ChatGPT Context Connector feature.

X user @legit_rumors took to the platform to give us a look at this feature. From the looks of it, when using ChatGPT 4, you will need to head over to Settings -> Connected apps, and here, you will see the options to connect your Google Drive, as well as your Microsoft One Drive Personal and Business accounts. Then, all you have to do is head back to the chatbot and tap the attach icon to get the ability to add files from these platforms.

This removes the hassle of having to download your online Drive files and then uploading them to the platform. With the Context Connector feature on ChatGPT, as you can see, you can easily search your cloud drives directly, and in a few simple clicks, your file will be fetched and attached to ChatGPT.

Once the files are attached, the chatbot will instantly recognize them, and you’ll be able to further extract specific data from it by dropping queries to the chatbot. Seamless cloud storage file integration is what we’re talking about here, and that’s definitely a win for ChatGPT.

However, don’t head over to your ChatGPT 4 in search for this feature yet, since it’s not available. OpenAI is evidently working on it, and we may get to hear of an official rollout soon. With that being said, what do you think of the new ChatGPT feature? Let me know in the comments down below!

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