ChatGPT Search Engine Release Likely on Monday, Ahead of Google I/O

chatgpt search engine
In Short
  • OpenAI is likely to introduce its ChatGPT search engine on May 13, just before the Google I/O 2024 event.
  • The OpenAI search engine is now indexed by Bing and DuckDuckGo as well.
  • It seems the homepage will have a feed of news cards and will include citations as well.

We reported earlier that OpenAI is planning to launch its ChatGPT search engine, an alternative to Google Search alternative on May 9. But OpenAI didn’t hold an event as was expected and still displays “Not found”. Now, a new report by Reuters confirms that OpenAI’s search engine is going to launch on May 13, just a day before the Google I/O event.

The report says OpenAI’s search product will be an extension of ChatGPT and will bring real-time information from the web. The new search engine will also include citations from various sources.

chatgpt search engine indexed by bing

We also checked the subdomain and it seems we are very close to the launch. The subdomain now redirects to (visit). And Bing and DuckDuckGo have also indexed the subdomain page which wasn’t the case earlier. The indexed URL gives the impression that there will be a feed on the homepage of recommended articles.

With OpenAI’s search engine, the Microsoft-backed startup is poised to challenge Google on its flagship product. While the migration from Google to other search engines won’t be immediate, a strong contender in the search engine space means Google will be on its toes. Currently, Google has a market share of nearly 91% and Bing accounts for only 3.64% share.

In simple terms, Google has a monopoly in the search engine market. A new entrant is only good news for the consumers. While Google is also integrating AI into Search (called Search Generative Experience), it generates wrong information often so there is that.

Apart from that, OpenAI’s search engine is also likely to affect Perplexity which acts like a Google Search alternative and includes various citations from the web for its answers. Now, let’s wait till Monday and see what OpenAI has in the offing.

VIA Reuters
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