I Made a Game Using ChatGPT 4o in Seconds and You Can Too

In Short
  • OpenAI's latest ChatGPT 4o model is excellent at code generation. It helped me create an arcade game.
  • I uploaded a screenshot of the Breakout game on ChatGPT 4o and it generated the entire code.
  • The game ran without any errors, and ChatGPT 4o further improved the game by adding replay, and a score metric.

I was recently looking for novel ways to test the coding ability of ChatGPT 4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro for a detailed comparison. And I finally found a simple way to test its vision and code generation capability. Remember the popular arcade game, Breakout? Yes, I wanted to make it and ChatGPT 4o came to my rescue.

create a python game using chatgpt 4o

I simply downloaded a screenshot of the Breakout game from Google. Next, I uploaded the screenshot of the game on ChatGPT 4o and asked it to code this game in Python. I chose Python because it’s easier to set up and run.

Well, ChatGPT 4o didn’t take much time. Within seconds, it correctly detected the game and generated the entire code. I had to install one Python library called ‘pygame’ by running pip install pygame. That’s it. Now, I pasted the code in Notepad++ and saved it as .py file.

After that, I fired up the Terminal and executed the Python code. Lo and behold, the Breakout game ran successfully on my computer without any errors whatsoever. It was a fully functional game and I could use the navigation keys to move the paddle and save the ball.

That said, the game would close abruptly after I failed to save the ball. So I asked ChatGPT 4o to add a Replay function. It not only added the Replay functionality by pressing the “R” key but ChatGPT 4o also added a Quit functionality by pressing the “Q” key. Next, I improved the game further with a score metric.

In just a few minutes, I could run and play the Breakout game on my PC, thanks to the amazing ChatGPT 4o model. I have a cursory knowledge of programming yet I had no problem getting it running without any hiccups. In case you are wondering, whether Gemini 1.5 Pro passed the test, well, it generated the code, but failed to run the game which is quite disappointing.

I am just fascinated by the amazing coding capability of the ChatGPT 4o model. Non-programmers can use it to create simple apps, extensions, and games for their use cases. By the way, OpenAI has made the ChatGPT 4o model free for everyone. It’s a phased rollout so free users will get it over the coming weeks. You can learn how to use the ChatGPT 4o model right away.

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