How to Change Zoom Background and Use Virtual Backgrounds

Keeping some security issues aside, it can’t be denied that Zoom has single-handedly changed the landscape of video conferencing. It works reliably well even on a sub-par network connection and has an endless list of features that are nowhere to be found on many Zoom alternatives. One of the best features of Zoom is virtual background and I personally love it. It changes the complete aesthetic of your messy room into something classy and also, fun. So in this article, we bring you a detailed tutorial on how to change Zoom background and use virtual backgrounds during your Zoom meetings. We have mentioned a step-by-step guide along with some tips for using Zoom background in a better way. Now having said all of that, let’s go through the article.

Change Zoom Background in 2020

If you want to change Zoom background and use a virtual background instead then follow the steps below. It’s a fairly straightforward process and does not require any expertise. Apart from that, you can display an image or video in the background so that is great. Further, you can also upload your own images and videos as a virtual background. Besides, virtual background is currently available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. However, the feature has not arrived on Android yet so keep that in mind. Now without losing any moment, let’s jump to the steps.

  • Windows and macOS

1. The steps are similar for both Windows and macOS. Just click on your profile picture and move to “Settings”.

Change Zoom Background

2. Here, navigate to the “Virtual Background” tab and simply select an image or video from the given options. And voila, there you have it!

3. You can also click on the “+” button to add your own image or video. The best part is that there is no size restriction on either image or video.

4. Apart from that, if you have a physical green screen behind you then enable “I have a green screen” option. It will be easier for the software to distinguish your self from the background. Also, if you have a low-powered computer, I would recommend you to enable this option given that you have a physical green screen. It will go easy on the GPU.

5. You can also enable a virtual background during a meeting. Click the “^” arrow next to “Start/Stop Video” at the bottom and select “Choose Virtual Background”. That’s it.

  • iOS and iPadOS

1. On iOS and iPadOS, you can change Zoom background only during a meeting. Start or join a meeting and then tap on “More”. Keep in mind, the virtual background feature only works on iPhone 8 and later.

2. After that, select “Virtual Background” and you will get a bunch of images and videos. You can choose the background from given options or you can also add your own images or videos by tapping on the “+” button. Now, there you go.

Change Zoom Background with Snap Camera

While that was all about how to use virtual backgrounds from Zoom and your own library, there is another way you can change Zoom background. Yes, I am talking about Snap Camera and it works really well on Zoom. If you are unfamiliar with Snap Camera, well, it’s a desktop version of Snapchat where you can apply many beauty filters from Snapchat to create lenses. You can further share these lenses with Zoom as your default look. The Snap Camera integration with Zoom is pretty fun, especially when you are having a group call with your friends and family. Here is how you can integrate both the apps.

1. Snap Camera is available for both Windows and macOS and it’s completely free to use. You can download the application from here.

2. After that, install the application and open it. You don’t need to create an account. Just apply any of the lenses available there and click on the “camera” icon to take a picture or video. It will now create a virtual webcam for Zoom to use.

3. Now, simply open Zoom and go to Settings by clicking on your profile picture. Under the “Video” tab, change the Camera from the drop-down menu to “Snap Camera”. That’s it. Now, Snap Camera is your default webcam for Zoom and you can use it to change your Zoom background.

Use Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom from Unsplash and Canva

With this new trend of virtual background, many websites are offering royalty-free images for displaying images and videos as a Zoom background. Of them, Unsplash has curated more than 100 images for Zoom backgrounds. The collection includes pictures of the living room, forest, library, seminar hall and more. Similarly, Canva is offering virtual background templates of cafes, nature, seashore and many funny videos to go along with Zoom background. So, if you want fresh and diverse Zoom backgrounds, you can surely find them from these websites.

  • Visit Unsplash (Free)
  • Visit Canva (Free)

Best Zoom Backgrounds to Use

Apart from various stock photo websites, Even big name companies like Fox and Marvel have joined the fun by offering backgrounds from their popular shows. Here are some of the best Zoom backgrounds you can use.

Simpsons Couch Zoom Background

Fox has tweeted a host of images from its popular show Simpsons. My favorite is the Simpsons couch. Click on the link to download them all.

Download Here

Marvel Movies Background

Marvel was not behind either. The company tweeted several images that you can use as Zoom backgrounds. Whether you want the Avenger’s logo, or a backdrop of Wakanda as your background, Marvel has you covered.

Download Here

Zoom Backgrounds from DC Comics

If you are a DC comics fan then you are going to enjoy the high-resolution comic panels that the company released for its fans. From Gotham City to Arkham Asylum to Atlantis, it has everything.

Download Here

Good Place Backgrounds

One of my favorite TV shows from recent times is the Good Place. It’s so good that everyone should watch it during quarantine. Well, the show also tweeted some exceptional photos to be used as Zoom backgrounds.

Download Here

Zoom Meetings Backgrounds is an excellent website that offers more than 30 backgrounds for free. The backgrounds range from funny to memes to videos. If you want to bring a little bit of fun in your meetings, this is the one to check out.

Download Here

Conference Table Background

If you want something formal for your executive meeting, check out the conference table background below. You get a simple white conference room with blue-accented chair and sofa. It looks great.

Download Here

Abstract Colorful Backgrounds

Not everyone wants a conference room or funny background, some people just want to use backgrounds that look good and don’t catch too much attention. If you are one of those people you are going to enjoy this collection of 50+ abstract and colorful backgrounds.

Download Here

Change Zoom Background As You Like

So that was all about virtual background on Zoom and how you can change it to something quirky, funny and meaningful. As I mentioned above, virtual background is one of the best features of Zoom and you should definitely try it once. Apart from that, the feature is available on almost all platforms except for Android. We expect Zoom to bring this awesome feature on Android too in not so distant future. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article helpful then do comment down below and let us know.

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