Chainsaw Man: 15 Most Powerful Devils (Ranked)

A major part of watching Chainsaw Man anime involves witnessing brutal fight scenes, with powerful devils slaughtering each other. While some devils appear as fragile as humans, others bring our nightmares to life. This leads to the obvious question – who are the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man? We are here to try and answer exactly that. Whatever their form may be, devil, fiend, or hybrid, everyone is on the radar. With that, here are the 15 most powerful devils ranked in Chainsaw Man.

15 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man (Ranked)

Spoiler Warning: Our guide contains major spoilers for the entire plot of the Chainsaw Man manga. We suggest reading all the chapters of CSM manga that are out to date before diving in.

1. Chainsaw Devil (Pochita)

Pochita Chainsaw Devil
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 95 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Elimination of devils from existence
  • Human Contract(s): Denji

Without a doubt, Pochita, aka the Chainsaw Devil, is the most powerful devil in the Chainsaw Man franchise. Even though it might appear like many devils can overpower Chainsaw Man, none of his defeats are permanent. However, if he wins, it’s literally the end for the devil. If a devil dies in the human world, it is born again within Hell in the CSM universe. Meanwhile, if a devil dies in hell, it gets reincarnated into the human world. There seems to be no end to this cycle, at least, until that devil meets Pochita.

If Pochita defeats and consumes a devil, then not only that devil but even its fear ceases to exist. The prime example of it is the Nazi devil. Once it got consumed by the chainsaw devil, everyone forgot that Nazis even existed. Only the extremely powerful devils are somehow immune from this memory loss. Not to forget, Pochita can also weaken devils by consuming parts of them.

When Chainsaw Man consumed a major part of the war devil, all wars in the human world got limited to movies and series. For now, there is no counter to Pochita’s extreme powers. No wonder every devil wants to get hold of his heart.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 64 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Manipulation of darkness and invisible forces
  • Human Contract(s): Santa Claus

If you have watched the Chainsaw Man anime or have read the manga, you might know that all devils are formed out of human fears. The stronger the fear, the more powerful the devil. Expanding on that concept, the fear of darkness is one of the oldest fear known to mankind, and it resulted in the creation of the Darkness devil. This devil is exclusively present in hell and is known as one of the primal devils, which are god-like beings who have never experienced death.

When we first meet the Darkness devil in Chainsaw Man manga Chapter 64, it easily dismembers a group of devil hunters, including Denji. We even witness it inflicting heavy pressure and causing hemorrhage only with a glance. Even though we are yet to see the complete extent of its power, it is clear that this devil can manipulate darkness and change its surroundings. As the story progresses, Chainsaw Man might have to fight the Darkness devil to prove himself worthy of the first rank among all the powerful devils.

3. Gun Devil

Gun Devil
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 75 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Killing thousands of people at once with bullets
  • Human Contract(s): President of the USA, various gangsters, and international governments

Even though we see an end to the gun devil’s chaos towards the end of the first arc of Chainsaw Man, his story is just getting started. He is one of the fastest devils in the franchise, with a history of annihilating cities and killing 1.2 million people within only five minutes. When it comes to his strength, there’s hardly any match. Even the powerful control devil had to team up with six devils to have a chance at defeating 20% of the gun devil, which still didn’t work out.

Well, we can’t even imagine the power level of the gun devil with 100% of its body. But don’t consider its divided body as a weakness. Since different global governments hold parts of the gun devil, it’s almost impossible to get him together into a single being and kill him. Though, what if Pochita ate its body? I guess we will have to wait and see.

4. Control Devil

Control Devil
  • Main Ability: Commanding people she sees as inferior to her
  • Human Contract(s): Aki Hayakawa, Prime Minister of Japan, various devil hunters

If coolness was an element, Makima, aka the control devil, would top the Chainsaw Man’s devil ranking. She has the power to command anyone to do her bidding as long as she sees her target as inferior. This allows her to control humans, hybrids, and even devils without giving it a second thought. Toward the end of the first arc of CSM, she uses this ability to utilize the powers of six devils as her own. Not to forget, she is also intelligent and can easily manipulate global governments with just her wits.

She was originally part of the Four Horsemen, who are based on biblical characters and are supposedly the main villain group of Chainsaw Man. Later, she separated from the group and began her individual goal of transforming the world with the powers of Chainsaw Man. If it wasn’t for Power’s (the blood fiend) interference, Makima might have succeeded. She’s truly one of the most influential enemies that Denji has ever faced, and fans are excited to see her as adorable Nayuta in the second part of Chainsaw Man.

5. The War Devil (Yoru)

Yoru The War Devil
War Fiend | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 98 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Creating powerful weapons out of regular objects
  • Human Contract(s): Asa Mitaka

Yoru, or the war devil, is another member of the Four Horsemen like Makima. But the war devil is much weaker than the control devil, at least, for now. During her last encounter with Pochita, the war devil lost parts of her body, which weakened her and the concept of war. If she somehow gains full control over the lost pieces, this devil can enrage wars in the human world. Such devastating control over humans is something that we only expect Makima to have.

Though, even in this weakened state, the war devil can make extreme weapons out of ordinary items that are in her possession as well as people’s body parts. One such weapon is the school uniform sword, which Yoru uses to cut the justice devil in pieces with a single swing. Not to forget, such a weapon’s strength increases with the sentimental value of the converted item. So, we can’t even imagine how powerful a weapon made out of a person who’s close to Yoru would be.

6. Angel Devil

Angel Devil
  • Main Ability: Consuming people’s lifespan to create powerful weapons
  • Human Contract(s): None

With an ironic name, the angel devil is one of the most underrated powerful devils in Chainsaw Man. He possesses the power to absorb the lifespan of any human by touching them. So much for a blessing from an angel. But this destructive ability doesn’t only affect humans. After absorbing the lifespans, the angel devil can turn them into specialized weapons.

Unlike the weapons that other devils use, the angel devil’s creations have a special power that strengthens the weapon as the sacrificed human years increase. A prime example of it is in Chapter 89 when the angel devil, under the control of Makima, uses a spear (made out of a thousand years’ worth of human lifespans) against Chainsaw Man. This move took a lot of effort but was enough to defeat Denji. At least, for then.

7. Cosmos Devil

Cosmos Devil
Cosmos Fiend | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 54 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Possessing complete knowledge of the universe
  • Human Contract(s): None

Imagine having all the knowledge of the universe in your head to such an extent that you have to create a whole dimension to keep it. That’s the situation that Cosmo, aka the cosmos devil, finds herself in. She’s an omniscient being with all the cosmos’ wisdom inside her head. While you might expect such a powerful being to top our list of ranked Chainsaw Man devils, this power is also Cosmo’s weakness in hindsight. Due to the overwhelming information in her head, she can’t access any of it easily and can only say the word “Halloween”.

Lucky for her, she can also send all of this information into the minds of her enemies. Doing so mentally teleports them into her library-like dimension that holds omniscience. In that state, the enemy’s mind gets so overwhelmed, just like Cosmo, that all they can say and think is “Halloween” until they die. If left unchecked, this ability can destroy even the most powerful of devils in no time. Fortunately, the cosmos devil is under the control of Quanxi, so she won’t be doing anything like that. At least, for now.

8. Doll Devil

Doll Devil
Doll Devil’s Dolls | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 68 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Creating controllable puppets out of people
  • Human Contract(s): Santa Claus

If you think fighting one knowledgeful enemy is dangerous, imagine fighting hundreds of weaponized enemies with a hive mind. That’s the nightmare the doll devil can realize under the right circumstances. We saw a fraction of such power in Chapter 59 when Santa Claus made a contract with this devil.

She can simply touch humans and create a bunch of dolls, that too with the ability to transform their arms into blades to hunt devil hunters. Moreover, her control spreads over other people as the dolls touch them. But before you call her overpowered, the manga makes it clear that this ability doesn’t affect fiends or devils. Thus, the controller has to be in close proximity to be effective.

9. Crossbow Devil

Crossbow Devil
Crossbow Hybrid | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 67 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Shooting dangerous arrows at an alarming rate
  • Human Contract(s): Quanxi, a Chinese devil hunter

Currently, in the hybrid form of Quanxi, the crossbow devil, is as unique as Pochita. She is exceptionally talented as a combatant and can shoot tons of arrows at once toward a variety of enemies. Each of her arrows acts like a powerful bullet tearing a circular hole through her targets. Meanwhile, in close combat, she uses a variety of weapons to slice-up enemies. She was the one who averted the attack of the doll devil’s puppets.

Though, what makes the crossbow devil unique isn’t only her own abilities. Instead, it’s her hybrid partner Quanxi’s control over several other devils. She has 4 fiend girlfriends, all of whom are powerful devils. One of them is the powerful Cosmos devil, but we are yet to see the devil powers of the other three fiends. Some might not even expect her to make it to the ranked list of powerful devils in Chainsaw Man without her girlfriends.

10. Hell Devil

Hell Devil
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 83 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Teleporting people to and from hell
  • Human Contract(s): Santa Claus and members of the Anti-Makima squad

The fear of dying or rather ending up in hell after death is common for humans. And this common fear manifests the scary hell devil into existence. This devil has the most terrifying appearance among all the devils, with a deformed centaur-like body and raw flesh that’s always on fire. Though, in the human world, it generally appears like a giant six-fingered hand hanging from the sky.

When we focus on the hell devil’s ability, its presence starts feeling underwhelming. The main power it possesses is the ability to teleport people from and to hell. While this might sound fatal to humans, it’s an effortless trip for most devils that consider both realms as their home. Nevertheless, the hell devil can still easily trap anyone in hell if it wants to and who knows, it might have more power to unveil later on. We have only met this devil in its real form once (Chapter 83).

11. Curse Devil

Curse Devil - Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 24 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Mortally wounding its targets
  • Human Contract(s): Aki Hayakawa, Santa Claus, and Tolka’s unknown master

In front of fatal attacks by powerful devils, curses might seem like minor inconveniences. But the Curse devil takes this to the next level by turning curses into one of the most powerful weapons in Chainsaw Man. Anyone who makes a contract with this devil can summon it to kill their targets.

When summoned, the Curse devil holds its target and bites its neck and shoulder before crushing them with its arms. But for someone to be targeted, they first have to be pierced with a cursed nail. We still don’t know how the curse devil acts while fighting individually but its powers are surely scary.

12. Blood Devil

Blood Devil- Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 90 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Manipulation of blood properties and creation of blood-based weapons
  • Human Contract(s): Denji, Power

The fan favorite, Power, in Chainsaw Man is the fiend form of the blood devil. She is the most chaotic person in the franchise and loves to cause a mess for everyone around her. Her main ability is to create blood-based weapons to fight devils in diverse ways. It allows her to be flexible and unpredictable while fighting enemies in all scenarios.

But behind her chaotic personality (as discussed in Power’s facts guide) is a force that can turn any fight around. All the devils and their counterparts in CSM can heal themselves by consuming blood. Well, Power can manipulate her blood to affect its functionality. She uses this ability to counter the strong regeneration of Makima, which led to her ultimate defeat.

13. Bomb Devil (Reze)

Bomb Devil- Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 44 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Turning her body parts into lethal explosives
  • Human Contract(s): Lady Reze

Expanding the list of hybrids in Chainsaw Man, we have Bomb Girl, aka Reze, who’s also known as Lady Reze, the hybrid form of bomb devil. Staying true to her name, this devil can launch parts of her body as explosives. But, as seen in Chapter 48, she is immune from these explosions, allowing her to use herself as a decoy.

In front of demonic powers, Reze’s ability might feel a bit traditional. But since most devils are affected by these bombs, she is a formidable fighter in many scenarios. Not to forget, right now, the bomb devil is a hybrid, which makes it close to impossible to kill her. And as several fans might remember, she was the love interest in Denji’s life for a dozen chapters.

14. Ghost Devil

Ghost Devil- Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 34 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Extreme strength and ability to become untouchable and invisible
  • Human Contract(s): Himeno 

It is difficult to fight devils, thanks to their immense strength and rapid regeneration, but what if you couldn’t see or touch them? That’s the type of situation you have to face while fighting the ghost devil who can become invisible and even intangible at will. This devil has no eyes and has to rely on people’s fears to detect their presence. However, Aki was able to counter the ghost devil by suppressing his fears. But not everyone is as strong-witted as Aki, which makes them prone to getting crushed under the sheer strength that the ghost devil posses.

15. Justice Devil

Justice Devil- Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 106 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Turning into a muscular being for delivering justice
  • Human Contract(s): Yuko and her class president

Justice devil is one of the newest devils on our ranked list of powerful Chainsaw Man devils. It thrives on people’s sense of justice and turns it into a tangible force for delivering justice. We are yet to find out the full force of this power, but from the looks of it, this devil seems to be as strong as the true sense of justice these days.

BONUS Devils (Ranked)

While the power of most devils in Chainsaw Man is easy to comprehend, there are some whose abilities are a bit of a blur. The manga is yet to explore them in depth. But with high hopes for these characters, we are adding them as wildcard entries to our long list of ranked devils in Chainsaw Man. Who knows, they might be even more potent than the other CSM devils.

16. Future Devil

Future Devil - Powerful Devils Ranked in Chainsaw Man
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 31 (Shonen Jump)
  • Main Ability: Seeing into the future
  • Human Contract(s): Aki Hayakawa and other devil hunters

A boastful friend of the devil hunters, the future devil is a unique case. It can see and show the future. Yet, we are still unaware if this devil can also manipulate the same or even how far into the future it can see. In Chapter 32, we learn that the future devil can see at least a few months into the future, as it was able to predict Aki’s death quite well. So, even if the future devil might not have a deadly arsenal, it’s still a powerful asset for every team.

17. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 76 (Shonen Jump) 
  • Main Ability: Attacking targets with a variety of weapons at once
  • Human Contract(s): Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo

As the name reveals, the punishment devil is the embodiment of the human fear of punishment. It appears out of the sky as a collection of conjoined bodies carrying a variety of weapons in dozens of arms. We only got to meet it at the end of the first arc of Chainsaw Man when Makima summons this devil through its contractor.

Top 15 Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man

Pochita turning out to be the most powerful devil in Chainsaw Man might be something you have expected. But did you know that he’s not the only devil Denji has a contract with? Explore how we know that and find out other lesser-known facts about Denji from Chainsaw Man in our dedicated guide. With that said, do agree with our devil ranking or is there some shuffling required? Tell us in the comments below! Moreover, is there any other devil that should have made the cut? We would love your input on this.

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