Cake Secures $5 Million Funding for Tinder-like Swipeable Mobile Browser

Cake Browser website

Founded in late 2016 by Jase Bosarge and based out of Provo, Utah, tech startup ‘Cake’ has announced that it has secured $5 million in funding from Peak Ventures, Pelion Ventures and Kickstart Seed Fund. The company makes an eponymous mobile browser that’s currently available for download on both Android and iOS.

If you like Tinder’s swipe feature, chances are, you’ll love Cake browser. Sure, you may not really need yet another browser app on you mobile, but this particular software re-imagines the way search results should be displayed on a touch-enabled mobile device. Because the first search result in your preferred search engine is often the only one that you need, Cake takes you straight to that page, bypassing the whole index of search-results. In case you’re looking for something else, you can always swipe left to get to the next result. Thankfully, however, unlike Tinder, you can always swipe right to go back to the previous result if you so desire.

The feature extends across all search categories, so whether you’re searching for general info, images, videos, or news, the same formula will apply to all web searches. Users will be able to choose their preferred search engine, but won’t be able to customize news sources, so you’ll end up receiving default search results whether you like it or not.

Explaining the rationale behind getting into an overcrowded web-browser market that’s dominated by a couple of big players, the company’s CEO Kendall Hulet said that, “Browsers today are still very similar today to what they were 15 years ago. They weren’t re-imagined for mobile. They’re basically desktop experiences crammed onto a mobile phone”.

While web-browsers on mobile are a dime a dozen, it’s heartening to see companies are still making investments in the area in an effort to innovate and offer new features to users.

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