8 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Thanks largely to the top-tier specs, including the beefed-up quad-camera setup, Snapdragon 888, and the stunning 6.8″ display (Quad HD+ 120Hz), Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has managed to grab plenty of eyeballs. Equipped with the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, S21 Ultra has got a bit more resistance to fight out scuffs and even take on random bumps. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to take any chance as glass is after all glass, and when it breaks, it’s going to cost you a lot. Having just lined up the top S21 Ultra cases and covers, I have now set my sight on the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protectors.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protectors

In this roundup, I have picked out both the TPU and tempered glass screen protectors for Galaxy S21 Ultra. While tempered glass screen guards offer robust 9H hardness that can fight out nasty impact and even keep ugly scratches from keys and knives away, TPU screen guards are considered to be a bit more responsive to the touch.

Besides, the liquid screen protectors are also a little more friendly with the in-display fingerprint sensor. As to which one you should choose, it all comes down to your personal preference. Do note that we have also covered the best screen defenders for S21 Plus. So, if you want to get a solid screen guard for the cheaper sibling, do check out the article. That all being said, let’s explore the top screen guards for S21 Ultra!

1. ESR

Designed to offer full-screen coverage, ESR liquid screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a worthy defender. The screen guard sports laser-cut dimensions for a precise installation. Besides, the neat cutouts also enable it to work with most cases including the rugged ones.

ESR Liquid Skin Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 2021

The high-quality polymer material helps it deliver high clarity. And with the true-touch sensitivity at the disposal, you can expect your touch gestures to work smoothly. Notably, it fully supports the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor and features the self-healing quality to ward off light scratches. Priced at $12, ESR Galaxy S21 Ultra liquid screen guard is available in three-pack.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 (3-pack)

2. FilmHoo

FilmHoo is well-known for providing high-quality screen guards at affordable price points. And its offering for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra seems to be in line with the company’s reputation. Made of soft and flexible TPU material, the screen guard is designed to be completely bubble-free so that installation will be smooth sailing.

FilmHoo [3-Pack] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 Inch

The TPU screen guard offers high-definition clarity and is sensitive to touch. Thanks to the self-healing technology, it can endure minor impact and also put scuffs at a fair distance. Moreover, FilmHoo screen guard also supports the in-display fingerprint sensor, which is yet another plus from a usability perspective. Keeping in mind these features, the $11 price tag for a three-pack makes it a fairly good deal.

Buy from Amazon: $10.95 (3-pack)

3. LK

For the folks who are on the lookout for the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protectors that can live up to the task of both protecting the 6.8″ screen and also offering the desired smoothness, this offering from LK seems to be a safe bet. Made of soft TPU, the screen guard delivers high clarity and true touch sensitivity. Plus, it is also fully compatible with Qualcomm ultrasonic sensor to let you unlock your device faster.

LK 3 Pack Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 6.8-inch

Another feature worth checking out is the case-friendly design that leaves space around the edges. As a result, it can go along nicely with any type of case. In terms of protection, it features a self-healing ability that enables it to fight out minor scuffs with ease. Keeping in mind these appreciable features coupled with the availability of three-pack, LK TPU screen guards for S21 Ultra seem to be a pretty smart deal at $7.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99 (3-pack)

4. Supershieldz

Readied with top-grade TPU material, Supershieldz should excel in most aspects. The screen protector claims to provide real touch sensitivity for a natural feel. That means gestures like gliding, tapping, and pressing will always feel more responsive.

Supershieldz Designed for Samsung Galaxy (S21 Ultra) Screen Protector

Sensitivity aside, Supershieldz screen guard is equally good when it comes to resisting oil, dust, and fingerprint. Plus, it can also be trusted to prevent minor impact from damaging the display. Furthermore, it is easy to install and doesn’t leave any ugly residue behind when removed. Priced at $7, Supershieldz TPU screen protector comes in a two-pack.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99 (2-pack)


QHOHQ has come up with an exciting offer which I have found irresistible. The accessory maker offers two-pack screen protectors made of soft TPU material and two-pack camera lens protectors made of tempered glass. The screen guard sports laser-cut dimensions and feature an oleophobic coating that wards off fingerprints, smudge, and oil.

QHOHQ 2 Pack Screen Protector

Though the soft TPU material can’t deliver the same hardness offered by the tempered glass, it has got high clarity and also feels pretty responsive to the touch. Moreover, it’s also fully compatible with the Qualcomm ultrasonic sensor so that you can unlock your device without any pain.

As for the camera lens defenders, they are precise and can endure bumps with ease. Besides, they do not interfere with image quality. Considering these notable features, QHOHQ’s offers appear to be quite reasonable for $15.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99 (two-pack screen protectors and two-pack camera lens protectors)


Boasting HD clarity and 9H hardness for a reliable shield against impact, LETANG screen guard look fully equipped to be a long-lasting defender for the 6.8″ display. The tempered glass screen protector has 0.25mm thickness and provides up to 99.99″ transparency that can go a long way in getting the most out of the 120Hz display.


LETANG also features an additional layer of coating to resist dust, fingerprint, and smudge. As a result, the tempered glass is able to retain the true-touch sensitivity for a long time. Plus, the screen guard also works with the in-display fingerprint sensor so that authenticating purchases or unlocking the device can remain a hassle-free experience.

Buy from Amazon: $15.99 (two-pack screen protectors and one-pack camera lens protector)


GBBC has introduced an equally impressive offer – two-pack tempered glass screen guards and one-pack camera lens protector. So, if you are looking for full-on protection for both the expensive display and the quad-camera setup, you shouldn’t fail to check it out.


Made of high-grade tempered glass, GBBC screen defender boasts 9H hardness that promises a trusted safeguard against shock and bumps. Thanks to the 3D curved design, the screen guard provides full coverage to the screen. Beyond protection, GBBC screen is up to the mark when it comes to smoothness and clarity. Overall, it has got everything covered to be one of the best screen guards for S21 Ultra.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99 (two-pack screen protectors and one-pack camera lens protector)


Last but not least, QITAYO’s TPU screen protector is an able defender for the 6.8″ display. For starters, the screen guard features neat cutouts and is completely bubble-free. Thus, the installation will be a painless experience.

QITAYO Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector

In terms of clarity, the screen guard can get the most out of the display thanks to the ability to offer maximum transparency. Besides, you can also count on it to feel pretty responsive to the touch and work with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

And with the 6H hardness, it can also thwart minor shock and scratches. What’s more, the company also offers two-pack camera lens protectors made of tempered glass to shield the quad-camera setup against scratches.

Buy from Amazon: $19.99 (two-pack screen protectors and two-pack camera lens protector)

Top Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Guards Lined Up for You

So, these are the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Keeping in mind different needs and preferences, I made sure to pick both glass and liquid screen guards. As the protection for the camera lens is also equally important, I also chose the packs that offer durable camera lens protectors. Hopefully, you have found my top picks up to the mark.

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