12 Best Kodi Builds You Should Check Out in 2019

We all agree that Kodi is the best app to consume media content. But Kodi also allows you to fork it and make it something else entirely, both visually and feature wise. Kodi Builds are quite popular among the community as it packs everything a user needs to get started on Kodi. Under a build, you have a different Kodi skins, huge libraries of content, popular Kodi add-ons, required services and so on. It becomes a hell lot easier to stream and organize content from a Build rather than setting up Kodi from scratch. In this article, I have sorted 12 best Kodi Builds which lets you discover a new world of Kodi without any hassle.

Note: Many of the Kodi Builds host and stream copyrighted content. Streaming protected content is illegal and amounts to piracy. We do not encourage online piracy in any way or form.

Best Kodi Builds You Should Use in 2019

Before we get to our list of the best Kodi Builds which you can install on top of Kodi, we should learn a little bit about them. If you already know about Kodi builds, you can directly skip to the list below.  As you must know, Builds are basically customized Kodi setup with preferred content, add-ons, and services.

In case, you don’t know how to install Kodi Builds, then follow the same process as you do for installing Kodi add-ons. Click on “Install from ZIP” menu and select the ZIP file. Further, open the installed repo and click on “Program Add-ons”. Here, you will find the Wizard setup. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions. The particular Build will be downloaded and installed in a few minutes. Now having said that, let’s get to the best Kodi Builds.

List of the Best Kodi Builds

1. Reaper Kodi Build

Reaper is currently the favorite build among the Kodi users on Reddit. It’s pretty clean, doesn’t have unnecessary add-ons and the repository is consistently updated. Generally, users don’t prefer Kodi builds because maintainers stop updating it after some time. However, Reaper is pretty active right now and it’s regularly cleaned from outdated add-ons and broken features. In terms of appearance, it looks quite similar to the official build of Kodi because it uses the same Estuary skin of Kodi. The UI is consistent with its own set of features and few settings are removed to improve the performance.

The best part is that it comes pre-loaded with all the popular add-ons like Seren, 13Clowns, Gaia, etc. Other than that, few important services like OpenInfo, Trakt, Premiumizer, and Real Debrid are integrated into the build. As we can see it has everything a power user would need in Kodi to get started with. If you want no-nonsense experience on Kodi with great performance, then Reaper is strongly recommended.

Download the ZIP file for Reaper: (Free)

2. Titanium

Titanium has been one of the most popular builds on Kodi since a very long time. It has gone through many phases of active development and deprecation. However, at present, it’s working pretty good with lots of add-on support. Visually, it’s one of the best looking Kodi build I have seen other than the default one. There are fancy animations and personalized banners which I don’t like much but still, the overall user interface is quite clean and cohesive. The custom menu is right there and you can personalize it to your liking as well.

Coming to the add-ons, it has all the best add-ons you can think of, Yoda, Supremacy, Maverick TV, Exodus Redux, Gaia, you name it. So in terms of content, it’s going to overwhelm you. And talking about the services, you have inbuilt Trakt integration, Real Debrid, Premiumizer, etc. There is also a weather widget on the home screen which I liked a lot. All in all, Titanium is the build to install without any second thoughts.

Download the ZIP file for Titanium: (Free)

3. Xanax Kodi Build

If you are a long time Kodi user, you might remember the Durex build which was hugely popular at one point of time. However, now it’s deprecated and no longer in development. To take things forward, Team Dork started forking Durex and have brought Xanax to the table. It has the same user interface of Durex with all the required services and add-ons. The performance is pretty good at present and it will only get better with time as the development has just kick-started. Talking about the size of content, well you have an enormous library of movies, music, TV shows, sports, etc.

Also, the scrappers are quite optimized and bring tons of information like available servers, banners, synopsis, etc within seconds. Since it’s based on Durex, the quality of video streaming is really good and you would be hard pressed to find anything like this in other builds. To put it simply, if you were a long time Durex user, install Xanax and enjoy the content on Kodi like nothing changed.

Download the ZIP file for Xanax: (Free)

4. Diggz Xenon Kodi Build

Diggz Xenon is a highly feature-packed build which is based on legions of superheroes. It looks futuristic in every sense of the word. The visuals and animations are nicely done and gives a feeling of impending war in a superhero movie. The size of the build is around 600 MB so you can guess it’s a heavily skinned build and has many features under the hood. The Xenon build has a large repository of movies, TV shows, add-ons which are hosted on its own server. This helps in streaming content without jumping through hoops or buffering issue. It also includes the popular add-on like Seren, TV-Addons, Exodus, Yoda, etc.

I found the volume of content overwhelming and you would never be short of any content you are looking for. Having said all of that, the best part is its performance. Xenon build has made many ground level changes to achieve this level of performance despite the huge build size. Nonetheless, you will thoroughly enjoy this build because it has everything from performance to visuals and of course, content. If you enjoy superhero content, this is the one of the best Kodi builds that you can install.

Download the ZIP file for Diggz Xenon: (Free)

5. No Limits Magic Kodi Build

No Limits Magic is quite a popular Kodi build because of limitless content available under its various repos. It has as many as 15 different categories of repositories from where you can choose different kinds of content. Also, there is deep integration with URL Resolver service which fixes streaming issues with broken links. In terms of appearance, it’s starkly different from the official Kodi skin. The build is primarily for movie and series lovers, so the skin is also developed around that theme. You have movie banners as menu and it revolves around with each selection. It’s pretty fancy and looks nothing like a Kodi. If you are bored of Kodi’s default look, I think you are going to love it. It is probably one of the best Kodi builds when it comes to content and looks.

To talk about the add-ons, it comes with popular add-ons like Exodus, Supremacy, YouTube, etc. And you also get multiple repositories to choose add-ons from. One interesting thing about this build is that you can install Android APKs on Kodi from the Aptoide app store. That’s kind of new and interesting. Anyway, I would say, No limits Magic has a fairly good amount of content and features, but the appearance is its distinct feature.

Download the ZIP file for No Limits Magic: (Free)

6. BK Nox Kodi Build

Of late, BK Nox is gaining lots of new users because of its slick user interface and collection of movies and TV Shows. The UI is similar to Titanium and the performance is quite good. Despite the build is heavy with 300 MB of size, it’s quite fast and works without any lag. There are several other services integrated as well to facilitate a better movie watching experience. For example, you have Real Debrid, Tempest, Premiumizer placed right into the home menu. What sets BK Nox part from other builds is that it has a separate section of Sports.

This section includes many sub-categories like live sports, baseball, archived footage of sports games, and more. Simply put, if you are a sports lover, you are absolutely going to love this build. Apart from the looks, it has got all the basic as well as advanced features that you have on default Kodi build. So go ahead and test out BK Nox build. It’s definitely going to make an impression on you.

Download the ZIP file for BK Nox: (Free)

7. Red Wizard Kodi Build

Red Wizard is a new build in the town and it’s already making waves among the Kodi community. The Red Wizard build is offered by One Alliance Reborn team and they are doing an exceptionally good job of maintaining it. To start with the appearance, it has the usual bottom-menu with expandable settings and sub-menus. There are movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, everything placed right on the home page for quick access. Other than that, you can connect various services too by going through the Wizard menu. Further, you have plenty of content available without needing any third-party add-ons.

However, few popular ones like Yoda and Exodus are included, in case you need more content. There is also native support for Android APKs so that’s great. Looking at the home page, you would find that Red Wizard is a content-focused build. On the default Kodi build, you have to jump through multiple menus and sub-menus to find the content of your choice, but that’s not the case here. All in all, I love the fact that Red Wizard exists with its clean interface and an enormous library of content. You should give it a shot.

Download the ZIP file for Red Wizard: (Free)

8. Tomb Raider Kodi Build

Tomb Raider is another Kodi build with user-friendly UI and a wide range of content. If you are from the UK, this build is great for you as there are lots of UK based content. In terms of appearance, it looks pretty similar to Red Wizard as it’s forked from the same Titanium base. The performance is fairly good with smooth animations and instant playback. You get a ton of options in movies section, TV series, Live TV, Sports, etc. There is also a free TV section which lets you play Live TV without IPTV subscription. The user interface is slightly skinned but doesn’t hinder the performance as such.

There is nothing distinct about Tomb Raider apart from it’s maintained on a regular basis and that’s a great thing. You will always have updated add-ons and services without requiring to update it through third-party repositories. So far, it’s a promising build and I found the volume of content to be sufficient. And in case you want more, you can always use add-ons like Exodus, Maverick TV which comes pre-installed with this build. To conclude, if you are from the UK and want a solid alternative to the default Kodi build, then definitely try out Tomb Raider. It will not disappoint you.

Download the ZIP file for Tomb Raider: (Free)

9. Maverick Kodi Build

We all love the Maverick TV repository, so here we have a separate Maverick build itself. It allows you to enjoy Maverick TV in its entirety without any buffering or streaming errors. Since the build is maintained by the same team, it has all the content of Maverick TV and you can play content without going through third-party scrappers and service providers. Basically, instant playback when you select a movie or show of your choice. What I love about Maverick is that all the important menus are right there on the home screen. Unlike the default Kodi build where I had to navigate through a lot of folders to reach the repository, here all the content are on my fingertips.

Also, Maverick is quite small in size in comparison to other builds. It’s just around 160 MB with necessary add-ons and some skin changes. If you want a build just for content and with good performance, there is nothing that matches Maverick build. You can play everything and anything without any fuss. So if you loved Maverick TV repo, it’s time to install the build itself to have endless entertainment.

Download the ZIP file for Maverick: (Free)

10. Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build

Misfit Mods Lite is making quite a buzz among Kodi users for some time. It has got a pretty lightweight skin and works smoothly without any hiccup. Also, the build size is just 150 MB so that helps in improving the performance. The other distinct feature of this build is that you don’t need to set up each and every service after the installation. Most of the important features like Trakt, Real Debrid, Open Subtitles are already configured and you just need to log in to your individual accounts. Talking about the UI, it’s simple and the menus are on the bottom for quick access.

You also have a file manager under the settings tab where you can install ZIP files and other add-ons. Coming to the content, it has the usual library of movies, TV shows, sports, and a separate Kids section. The library is fairly good and covers a wide range of content. All in all, it’s a superb build for Kodi which performs nearly as good as the default Kodi build. If you are looking for a change in appearance, but still want the performance of Kodi, then Misfit Mods Lite is the one to get.

Download the ZIP file for Misfit Mods Lite: (Free)

11. Insomniacs Black and Gold Kodi Build

The Insomniac team has created a lot of builds for Kodi, but Black and Gold is the most popular one because of its appearance and a huge library of content. Users choose builds to have a complete package and Insomniacs Black and Gold does exactly that. You have some sleek animations and custom menus on the bottom. The overall performance is also on par with the default Kodi skin. There is Trakt integration which keeps a tab on your progress while watching movies and shows. These features are available on the default Kodi build as well, but those are not enabled out of the box.

However, in this build, you get everything pre-configured. Just log in to your Trakt and Real Debrid account and everything will fall into its place. Besides that, you also get popular add-ons like Tempest, Supremacy, Yoda and Monster Munch. Monster Munch is a really great add-on for watching movies and it’s great to have it under this build. If you want endless content and visually appealing skin for your Kodi then Insomniacs Black and Gold build is for you.

Download the ZIP file for Insomniacs Black and Gold: (Free)

12. One Nation Nebula Kodi Build

One Nation Nebula build looks weird for sure, but let me tell you it has all the goodies you would need for endless entertainment. The user interface is pretty simple with the menu bar present at the bottom of the home screen. A few important menus like “Install from repository” and “Subtitles” are directly accessible from the home screen, which I found really helpful. Other than that, it comes with various kind of add-ons and repositories.

To name a few, it has Seren, Maverick TV, DxCx’s anime repo, BBC iPlayer, etc. Further, you don’t need to connect your real-debrid account as it supports Openload servers natively. After the installation, I found the performance pretty smooth with no lag or buffering issue. To conclude, One Nation Nebula is good enough build for regular use and there is plenty of content to explore. If you are bored with the routine Kodi interface, you can give this build a shot.

Download the ZIP file for One Nation Nebula: (Free)

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Have Endless Entertainment with These Best Kodi Builds

Kodi Builds are a great way to stream and discover new content, especially if you don’t want to mess up with the default Kodi settings. Some users love the simplicity of default Kodi skin and some want the futuristic look of an entertainment hub. The good thing is that Kodi allows both of the world to co-exist. When it comes to Kodi, there is a lot of freedom to choose and Kodi Builds let you do exactly that. So go on and choose your type of build from the list based on your preference. Also let us know which are the best kodi builds according to you, by writing in the comments section below.

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