How to Fresh Start Kodi v17 Krypton to Remove Kodi Builds

If you are new to Kodi or if you just want the best add-ons and enhancements in Kodi, the various Kodi builds are the right way to go. However, Kodi builds can be the cause of various problems, like poor performance on modest devices like sticks & TV boxes, outdated or dead add-ons etc. Sadly, there’s no native way to fresh start Kodi or to remove a build and get Kodi to its default state. While we were hoping for a reset option in Kodi v17 Krypton, that hasn’t happened. Having said that, there’s a fairly easy way to remove a Kodi build and fresh start Kodi:

Note: We are using Kodi v17 Krypton on a Windows 10 PC for the process but it should be the same on most devices running Kodi. 

We will be using the Fusion repository for the process and if you have it added as a source in Kodi, you can skip the first 4 steps.

1. First, open up Kodi and click on the Settings icon in the main page.

Kodi Krypton Settings

2. Then, click on “File Manager” in the Kodi Settings page.

Kodi Krypton File Manager SettingsKodi Krypton File Manager Settings

3. In the Kodi File Manager, double click on “Add Source“.

Kodi Krypton File Manager Add Source

4. In the Add File Source page, click on “None” in the path and change it to “”. Then, name the source “Fusion” or whatever you want.

Kodi Krypton New Source

5. Once the Fusion source is added, go to the home page in Kodi and click on “Add-ons“. In the Add-ons page, click on the “Add-on Browser” icon.

Kodi Krypton Add-on Browser Icon

7. Next, click on “Install from zip file“.

Kodi Krypton Install from ZIP

8. Then, from the sources available, click on “Fusion“. After that, open up the “begin-here” folder. Here, just double click on the “” file to install the Fresh Start add-on. You should then get a message notifying you that the add-on has been enabled.

Fresh Start Kodi Krypton

11. Then, head to the Add-ons page again and click on “Program Add-ons“. Here, run the “Fresh Start” add-on.

Kodi Krypton Program Add-ons

12. You should then get a prompt to confirm that you indeed want to restore your Kodi configuration to default settings. Select “Yes“.

Once done, your Kodi configuration should be reset and the Kodi build you had installed will be removed. You will have to reboot your system or restart Kodi for the changes to take effect.

Reset Kodi Krypton

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Fresh Start Kodi v17 “Krypton” to Remove Kodi Builds

Well, it’s shame that the all-powerful Kodi does not pack in an option to reset settings. Thankfully, the aforementioned method lets you do it with ease. Sure, there are a number of steps but it’s all pretty straightforward once you do it. So, if you want to remove Kodi builds or if you just want to reset Kodi, you can do it by fresh starting Kodi. If you have any doubts or if you know of a better method to fresh start Kodi, do let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Anna says:

    No luck here

  • Anna says:

    No luck here did factory reset

  • Spincer says:

    Dude just clear data on kodi…

  • Kerri says:

    Fresh start is not an option that comes up. I tried to reinstall Fusion again but still no joy. I want to clear out 17.1 and reload 17.3…help

  • Stephanie says:

    How do I get back to the Kodi main menu from the One Alliance build? Using a Firestick.

  • Gareth Philp says:

    Same issue here. No Freshstart option. ????

  • willie says:

    Instead of fresh start why not just remove kodi and then reinstall kodi

    • lp says:

      It’s five minutes verses 20-30 minutes to uninstall and reinstall.

  • VinnyP says:

    Fresh seems to be gone. I have tried the method everyone suggests but when I go to the Fusion zip file, all I manage to unzip is Indigo. Will the rejuvenate or Factory Reset work just as well as Fresh Start?

  • mickkay says:

    after i rebooted and restarted kodi 17 came up again but with no addons, i wanted to go back to kodi 16, silly me.

  • Austin says:

    Can a you tell me what I need to do to complete those. When I get to step 8, is not an option. What can I do?

    • Lorenzo says:

      I’m having the same issue. There is no FreshStart plugin. What’s the haps?

  • Wilbri says:

    Many thanks Rupesh
    At last success.
    I have been attempting to achieve this over the past few weeks.

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