5 Best Discord Servers for Among Us You Should Join

Among Us is one of those games where player interaction is a must. While the game allows you to text chat with other players, it is not as interactive as voice chat. Also, the game revolves around having a discussion post each round to weed out the impostor. That’s why players are turning to Discord servers, a place where they can socialize and make new friends, voice chat, join a match, share ideas, and much more. Discord servers are the best place to hang out for any Among Us player. So if you are looking for the best Discord servers for Among Us, follow our list below.

Best Discord Servers for Among Us (2022)

Here, we have mentioned the top 5 Discord servers for Among Us that are rather non-toxic and have supportive staff and bots. You can find the best servers from the table below:

1. Innersloth

This is the official discord server of the developers of Among Us. Innersloth is one of the largest Discord servers for Among Us with over 383k members from all around the world. It’s the perfect place where you can discuss everything about Among Us from hints, metas, spoilers, updates, and more. What I love about this server is that you can find a group and play Among Us with voice chat in the background through Discord.

It makes the game much more interactive, and you can all quickly find the impostor over voice chat and boot them out. Apart from that, bear in mind, the server has strict rules, so you need to follow the rules, else you will be banned. All in all, Innersloth is a great Discord server for Among Us players, and you will not have to look beyond this server.

Join Innersloth

2. Among Us Global

Among Us Global is another Discord server with a large community of users. It hosts more than 139k members and has a rating of 4.4 which means the server is largely non-toxic. Again, just like Innersloth, here too, you can do matchmaking and find players to play Among Us. You also get dedicated voice channels so you can have audio conversations while playing the game.

One of the best things about Among Us Global is that you will find many giveaways, giving you a chance to snag the premium version of Among Us, a Steam copy of Among Us, and more. To sum up, if you want to have fun while playing Among Us and want to win free goodies as well, then Among Us Global is a great place to hang out.

Join Among Us Global

3. Among Us

With more than 480k members, Among Us is the largest Discord server out there. You get all the perks like matchmaking, giveaways, audio chat, fan art in the community. But keep in mind, this Among Us Discord server is not for everyone, especially if you are a beginner. Sometimes, the server gets quite toxic, and the moderators have to ban users left, right, and center.

In case someone forcefully tries to join your voice chat, you can note down their raider ID and get the person kicked out or banned from the server. Since the group is massive, there are hundreds of Discord bots deployed to help make your experience better. To conclude, if you want a large community of Among Us players, you will feel at home on this Discord server.

Join Among Us

4. Among Us India

If you are from India and looking for the best Discord server for Among Us, then Among Us India is the server you should join. It’s the largest Among Us community in India with over 28k members. You can play the game together with netizens and have access to all the usual features like voice chat and bot support.

Other than that, Among Us India also offers cool community features such as Karaoke VCs, Game and Music Bots, among other things. And if you are interested in playing Skribbl and Brawlhalla, the server also has separate lobbies for these games. To sum up, Among Us India is a vibrant community of players, and you should give it a shot.

Join Among Us India

5. Daddy

Let’s not judge a server by its name. Daddy is a Discord server not just for Among Us but also for other games such as Valorant, COD, League, Genshin Impact, and Valheim. However, you get a dedicated gaming channel for each game and can find players to enjoy Among Us with all the tools and nifty features. It’s also a massive community with around 237k members.

And just like other servers, you have voice calls, a supportive staff, and more. What is unique about this server is that you can watch anime on this server and make new friends in the process. There is also support for private groups which you can create with your closest friends. Overall, Daddy is a fun Discord server for Among Us, and I am sure you will love it.

Join Daddy

Find the Top Among Us Servers on Discord

So these are the top Among Us servers on Discord that you can join and socialize with other users, find a match, share ideas, have voice chat, and more. I think Discord is the perfect app, especially for Among Us players, to have conversations, find the impostor, and build new friendships. So go ahead and join one of the servers from our list above. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are looking for the best Discord servers for Minecraft, then go through our linked article. Also, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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