7 Best Android Backup Apps

Every Android owner knows how important it is to keep their smartphone data backed up at all the times. There’s no reason for you to not backup your phone because backing up takes just a few minutes and gives you total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong with your device then you will always have all your data secured in a backup file which you can restore on your new device within minutes and get all your precious data back. Below we have 9 best Android backup apps that will help you keep all your data safe and secure.

Best Android Backup Apps 

1. Helium


Helium is on top because it’s developed by the guys behind CyanogenMod ROM which is the most popular custom rom available for the Android platform. It’s not just the popularity of the developers that puts this app on top but the app itself is full of features and functions that make it very easy to backup your complete android device with just a few taps. The best thing about Helium is the fact that you can backup all your data and you don’t even need root on your android device. However, users with a non-rooted device will have to download a standalone desktop companion for the app that will let you backup all the data on your android device. If you’re using Chrome browser on your PC then you can also download a Chrome app that works as a companion for the Helium app on Android.

The premium version of Helium also lets you backup and sync your backups with cloud storage service like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc making it easier to restore your data directly from the cloud. The premium version also gets rid of the ads.

Developer: ClockworkMod

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up

Availability: Free/Paid ($4.99)

2. truBackup


Most of the backup apps for Android have a bit complex user interface that makes it difficult for a new user to easily perform a backup or restore, however, truBackup is one of the few backup apps for Android that features a very simple and beautiful user interface giving its users something easier to work with. The app doesn’t require root at all and it backs up all your data including, contacts, SMS, music, videos, pictures, and apps. You should know that this app will only backup your apps and not the app data. So, if you have the highest score in Subway Surfers then it won’t be saved, however, the game will still be backed up. You can also schedule automatic backups so everything stays backed up even when you’re sleeping. The app backs up all your data to cloud services or your SD card whichever suits you most.

Developer: 3Frames Labs

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up

Availability: Free/Paid ($2.99)

3. CM Backup


Clean Master is one of the most popular cleanup and speed boosting utility for the Android platform. The new offering by the same developer is CM Backup which gives you peace of mind by backing up all your important data to the cloud so you can restore it with just a single tap. CM Backup offers you free 5 GB of cloud storage on their personal secure servers. You can backup all your data including, contacts, call logs, messages, browser bookmarks, photos, videos, music, alarm data, calendar data, etc. All this data is available in the cloud and you can restore it on any device that you want by using the CM Backup app. You can also view and manage all your data by viewing it on your PC using the web address of the cloud. The app does not require root permission at all.

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Cloud

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Availability: Free

4. Avast Mobile Backup


Avast is a solid name when it comes to security and safety of your android device or even your desktop PC. Avast antivirus is considered one of the best security tools in the industry and now Avast Mobile Backup & Restore app is trying to make a name in the Android backup apps list. The app lets you backup your data including contacts, SMS, call logs, and photos, however, backing up apps, videos, and music requires the premium subscription. The premium subscription can only be purchased from within the app and it will cost you $20 per year. This app works without root, however, if you have a rooted phone then it will also backup your app data which means all your progress in games will also be saved and backed up. You can backup your data on a SD card or the cloud storage, depends on your preference.

Developer: AVAST Software

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up

Availability: Free

5. Easy Backup & Restore


The name says it all, Easy Backup & Restore is the perfect app if you’re looking for simple backing up for your data to your SD card or cloud storage services. The app lets you backup everything that you can think of except for app data and settings because that only works with rooted devices. The best thing about this app is the fact that it is free, through and through. There are no premium version and no subscription for you to purchase. You can even email all your backed up content to anyone you like so they can restore the backup on their device as well. Automatic backup scheduling makes it easier for users to keep their phones backed up to the minute.

Developer: MDRoid Apps

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Availability: Free

6. MyBackup


MyBackup offers the most amazing features for a backup app. The best feature includes the ability to backup your device remotely which means that you can start a backup on your android device from anywhere by accessing the MyBackup website on your computer. The free version lets you backup your data to your SD card, however, if you get the pro version of the app then you will be able to use the MyBackup cloud or any other cloud storage service of your choosing. You can also view and manage your backed up content without having to restore it first which makes it easier for the user to see if the content is useful or not. The new migrate feature available in this app lets you transfer the whole content from one device to another supported device within minutes. The app does not require permission as long as you don’t want to backup app data and settings.

Developer: Rerware, LLC

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up

Availability: Free/Paid ($4.99)

7. GCloud Backup

GCloud Backup

GCloud Backup lets you take control of your android device and backup all the important stuff to the cloud. You can backup all the data including your Whatsapp, Viber data with just a single tap. Back up your call logs, contacts, SMS, documents and much more. You have to create an account on the GCloud service which lets you easily restore your content by signing into your account and restoring your data from your account. You will get 1 GB of cloud storage for free and you can get up to 10 GB of data easily by completing some steps. You can access all your backed up content on the GCloud website and easily move/delete any of your data. GCloud Backup does not require root permission on your android device.

Developer: Genie9 LTD

Compatibility: Varies with device

Availability: Free

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If you’re looking for simple and easy way to backup your whole android device then the above mentioned backup apps will come in handy. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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