The Amazon Echo is a really great device for your home. It integrates with a number of third party apps, is capable of managing your Amazon account, can set alarms and reminders, and it can even double as a Bluetooth speaker when you need to play music off your phone. While the Amazon Alexa app does a decent job of getting you started with your brand new Amazon Echo, the list of Alexa commands it offers is by no means extensive, let alone exhaustive.

So, if you are looking for some more cool Amazon Echo Alexa commands that your Echo supports (without enabling any additional Skills), or if you have just bought an Echo, or even if you’re only planning on buying one, you should definitely read this article.

Note: Setting up the Echo is easy, and if you live outside the US, and want to set it up for your country, you can check out our article on how to set up and use Amazon Echo outside US for an easy to follow, and exhaustive guide to get you all set up. Also, you can use the same Alexa commands on your Amazon Tap or Echo Dot too.

Basic Settings and System Wide Commands

1. Pairing a Bluetooth Device

You can pair a Bluetooth device to the Amazon Echo very easily, and then directly stream music to the Echo, effectively turning it into a glorified Bluetooth speaker (with amazing sound quality, though).

Say “Alexa, pair“, and your Echo will go into pairing mode, and you can simply connect your Bluetooth device to it.

2. Connecting a Paired Device to Echo

If you have already paired your devices with the Echo, and just want to connect them, you don’t need to go into pairing mode again. Simply say “Alexa, connect my phone“, and Echo will automatically start looking for your device and connect to it.

If you have multiple devices paired with the Echo, you can say “Alexa, connect to device_name” and Echo will only look for that particular device. Obviously, you will have to use your device’s name in place of “device_name” in the command.

3. Disconnecting a Connected Device

If you want to disconnect a device that is connected to the Echo via Bluetooth, you can disconnect it easily by saying “Alexa, disconnect my phone“.

4. Increase Volume

While the rotating dial on the top of the Echo serves as a volume control, if you want to increase the volume without having to move the dial, you can say “Alexa, increase the volume“, and Echo will automatically increase the volume by a single step.

Other variations of this command are: “Alexa, higher volume”, “Alexa, more sound”, etc.

5. Decrease Volume

Similarly, if you want to reduce the volume, you can say “Alexa, decrease the volume“, and Echo will automatically decrease the volume by a single step.

Other variations of this command are: “Alexa, lower volume“, “Alexa less sound“, etc

6. Set Volume to a Particular Value

Increasing or decreasing the volume by the commands given might suffice for some situations, but what if you want to increase the volume to a particular value. If you use the commands given above, you might have to repeat them multiple times. In such situations, you can simply say “Alexa, volume 5” to set the volume to 50% of the maximum value. You can use a value between 0-10 in the command to go from 0% to 100%.

Other variations of this command are: “Alexa, set volume to 5“, “Alexa, change volume to 5“, etc.

Time Related Commands

7. Get the Current Time

Amazon Echo can tell you the time, as well. This can prove useful in a variety of situations, and if you want to use this command, simply say “Alexa, what’s the time?“, and Echo will speak out the current time.

Other variations of this command are “Alexa, what time is it?“, “Alexa, tell me the time“, and more.

8. Set Alarms

You can even set alarms on Amazon Echo. The command is simple, and all you have to do, is say “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 AM“. You can obviously change the time to whenever you want to set the alarm for. Echo uses the local time according to the location you have set in the Alexa app, so make sure it is correctly set.

Another variation of this command is “Alexa, wake me up at 7 AM“.

9. Set Timers

Amazon Echo can also set timers for you. Simply say “Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes“, and Echo will start a 5 minute timer.

Another variation for this command is “Alexa, timer 5 minutes“.

10. Check the Time left on Your Timer

If you need to check the amount of time left on your timer, you can ask Alexa by saying “Alexa, how much time is left on my timer“, and Echo will tell you the amount of time that is left before your timer is up.

Another variation of this command is “Alexa, time left on my timer?

11. Cancel Timer

If you need to cancel the timer, you can simply say “Alexa, cancel my timer“, and Echo will cancel the timer for you.

Another variation of this command is “Alexa, cancel timer“.

12. Check your Next Alarm

If you have set multiple alarms on your Amazon Echo, and you want to know when your next alarm is set for, you can simply say “Alexa, when is my next alarm set for?“.

To-Do and Shopping Lists

13. Add Tasks to Your To-Do List

The Echo can create a to-do list for you, as well. If you want to add tasks to your to-do list on Amazon Echo, simply say “Add create website backup to my to-do list“, and Echo will add it to your to-do list. You can replace “create website backup” with the task that you want to add to your to-do list.

NoteWhile the Echo can add items to your to-do list, you will have to go into the Alexa app to actually remove the items from your to-do list.

14. Check Your To-Do List

You can also ask the Echo to read out your to-do list, by saying “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list“. Echo will read out all the tasks that you have added to your to-do list.

Another variation of this command is “Alexa, read my to-do list“.

15. Add Items to Your Shopping List

Another list that the Echo maintains for you, is a shopping list. You can add items that you need to buy in the Echo by saying “Alexa, add bread to my shopping list“, and Echo will add it to your shopping list.

NoteYou will have to go into the Alexa app to actually check items off your shopping list. 

16. Check Your Shopping List

If you want to know all the items that are on your shopping list, you can ask Echo to read them out to you by saying “Alexa, what’s on my Shopping List?

Another variation of this command is “Alexa, read my shopping list“.

Music Playback and Controls

17. Play Spotify Playlists

If you are a Spotify premium member, you can connect your Spotify account with Echo, and play your Spotify music directly from Echo. If you want to play a particular playlist from Spotify, you can simply say “Alexa, play my playlist unwind on Spotify“. Obviously, replace “unwind” with the name of your playlist.

18. Check What Song is Playing

If you’re playing a random Spotify playlist, and you hear a song that you don’t recognize, you can ask your Echo to tell you what song it is playing by saying “Alexa, what song is this?“.

NoteAmazon Echo only tells the name of the song it is playing, or the one it was playing last. It does not recognize songs playing elsewhere, the way Shazam and Siri do.

Audio Books

19. Play Audio Books from Audible

Audible is an audio book service from Amazon, and they have a wide collection of audiobooks that you can play through your Echo. If you have purchased an audio book from Audible, you can ask your Echo to read it out to you by saying “Alexa, Play A Game of Thrones on Audible“. You can replace “A Game of Thrones” with the name of the audio book you want to listen to.

20. Pause and Resume Audio Books

Audio books are usually quite long, and if you need to pause your audio book, you can simply say “Alexa, pause“, and Echo will pause the audio book. You can resume the audio book by saying “Alexa, resume“. If, however, you played some songs between pausing the audio book, and resuming it, you will have to say “Alexa, play a Game of Thrones on Audible“. Echo remembers where you stopped playback the last time you were listening to the audio book, and continues playback from there.

21. Flip Through Chapters

If you want to skip chapters, you can ask Echo to do just that by saying “Alexa, next chapter“, or “Alexa, previous chapter“.

22. Go to A Specific Chapter Number

If you want to skip ahead or rewind back to a particular chapter, you can simply say “Alexa, go to chapter number 5“, or whichever chapter you want to go to, and Echo will start reading the audio book from that chapter.

23. Go to the Last Chapter

If you want to skip ahead to the last chapter of the book, but don’t know the chapter number, simply say “Alexa, go to last chapter“, and Echo will start reading the audio book from the last chapter.

24. Restart Your Audio Book

If you want Echo to restart your audio book, you can do that as well. All you have to do, is say “Alexa, restart“, and Amazon Echo will restart your audio book.

Buy Stuff on Amazon

25. Add Products to Cart

You can ask your Echo to add products to your cart, by simply saying “Alexa, add garbage bags to my cart“, and replacing “garbage bags” with the product that you want Echo to add to your cart. In my use of Echo, I noticed that the changes only reflected in the Amazon US website, and not in the Amazon India website, probably because Amazon Echo officially only supports US, as of now.

26. Buy Products from Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can actually buy products directly through your Echo, without having to go through your cart. Simply say “Alexa, buy garbage bags“, and Echo will help you place the order, directly, without ever having to go to the Amazon website. However, this is only available for products that are eligible for Amazon Prime.

Facts and Knowledge

27. Ask About Mountains and Oceans

The Amazon Echo can be used as a device to gather information from. So, you can ask it things like “How tall is Mount Everest“, or “How deep is the Pacific Ocean“, and Echo will proceed to tell you the height and depth, respectively.

28. Ask About Novels and Books

You can even ask the Amazon Echo about authors of famous books and novels. Suppose you’ve been living in the woods and wanted to know who wrote Harry Potter. You can say “Alexa, who wrote Harry Potter“, and Echo will give you the answer (J.K Rowling).

29. Ask About Countries and States

Echo can also get information about countries and states. So, if you forget the capital city of a country, you can say “Alexa, what’s the capital of Spain?“. You can even ask about population data by saying “Alexa, what’s the population of Spain?

30. Ask About TV Shows and Movies

So you’re watching a new TV show, and you want to know the name of the actor portraying a character? You could google it, but you could also simply ask Echo by saying “Alexa, who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones“, obviously replacing the names with the ones that you want to find out about.

31. Check Wikipedia Entries

If you want, Echo can even read out Wikipedia entries for topics. You can simply say “Alexa, Wikipedia Kansas“, and Echo will read out the Wikipedia entry for Kansas.

Definitions and Spellings

32. Get Definitions

If you hear a word you don’t know the meaning to, you can ask Echo to help you out. Simply say “Alexa, what’s the definition of precarious?“, and Echo will tell you what the word means.

33. Find Spellings

Often, we forget the spelling for words that we used to know. It happens to us all, and Echo can help in such situations. Simply say “Alexa, how do you spell ceiling?“, or whichever word you want to know the spelling to.


34. Simple Math

Alexa can help you with simple mathematical problems, such as addition, multiplication, etc. You can say “Alexa, what’s 5 plus 3“, or “Alexa, what’s 5 times 3?

35. Advanced Math

Simple math is not all that Alexa can do. It can also solve advanced math queries. Try saying “Alexa, 70 factorial“, and get ready to hear numbers you had never heard before, for almost a minute.

Location Based Commands

36. Weather

You can ask Echo to tell you about the weather for the day at your location. However, this only works for US ZIP codes, as of this writing. To get the weather, you can say “Alexa, what’s the weather like?

Other variations of this command are: “Alexa, will it rain today?“, “Alexa, is it hot outside?“, “Alexa do I need an umbrella?

37. Find Movies Nearby

If you’re in the mood for a movie, you can simply say “Alexa, what movies are playing nearby?” to get your Echo to tell you all the movies that are playing in theaters near your location.

38. Traffic Details

Amazon Echo can also tell you about the traffic on your commute, so you can be ready to hit the roads. Simply say “Alexa, what’s the traffic like?“, and Echo will tell you about the traffic conditions on your commute.

Other variations for this command are: “Alexa, what’s my commute?“, “Alexa, traffic“.


Turns out, Echo is rather good at greetings. Try these greetings to get some really nice responses from Amazon Echo.

39. I’m Home

Say “Alexa, I’m home“, and Alexa will greet you.

40. I have a cold

This is not so much a greeting, as it is a way to get Echo to say comforting things. Try it out. Say “Alexa, I have a cold“.

41. Thanks!

If you say “Alexa, thanks!” to your Echo, it responds with “Your welcome”, or something similar.

42. Happy New Year/Halloween/Easter/Holidays

You can even wish your Echo a Happy New Year, by saying “Alexa, Happy New Year“. Echo’s responses change according to the occasion you’re wishing it on.

43. Happy Birthday

You can even wish your Echo a Happy Birthday and get a sweet response. Say “Alexa, Happy Birthday“.

44. Sing Happy Birthday

If you are celebrating someone’s birthday, you can get Echo to sing them a Happy Birthday song by saying “Alexa, sing Happy Birthday“.

45. Do You Think I’m Pretty

This is yet another example of how Echo was programmed to be sweet, rather than sassy. Try saying “Alexa, do you think I’m pretty?“.


46. Translate from English to Another Language

If you want to translate a sentence from English to another language, you can say “Alexa, translate good morning to Spanish“, and while Alexa won’t speak the translation out loud, you will be able to find it in your Alexa app.

47. Translate from Other Languages to English

You can even ask your Echo to translate sentences from other languages to English by saying “Alexa, translate hola to English“. Obviously, you can replace “hola” with the word or sentence you want to translate.

More Things to Do

48. Make Alexa Repeat After You

If you want your Echo to echo (pun intended) your words after you, just say “Alexa, simon says“, followed by whatever you want Alexa to repeat.

49. Roll a Dice

Alexa can be a substitute for your dice in any board game that you might be playing. Simply say “Alexa, roll a 6 sided dice“, and Alexa will tell you what number you got. In fact, you can even roll a dice with more or less faces. I have tried up to a 40 sided dice.

50. Roll Multiple Dice

What about board games where you need to roll multiple dice at once? Well, turns out, Echo can do that as well, simply say “Alexa roll two six sided dice” and Echo will tell you the numbers you got, along with the total value. You can change the command to roll as many dice as you want. So if you want to roll 5 dice of 10 sides each, you can say “Alexa, roll five ten sided dice“.

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Get More Out Of Your Amazon Echo With These Alexa Commands

With these Alexa commands up your sleeve, we think you will be able to use your Amazon Echo (or Tap or Echo Dot) better, and get the most out of it. Apart from these extremely useful commands for your Alexa powered Echo, there are a lot of third party Skills that are available to be used with the Amazon Echo, and if you are looking for some great ones, we will be bringing out an article on the same soon, so stay tuned.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts about these commands, any other useful commands that you think deserves to be on this list. We would like to know your thoughts on what we consider is a really nice device to have.


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  2. I think that anyone who has an Echo has noticed their Echo chattering when she hasn’t been asked a question because Alexa misunderstood. this would be problematic and probably expensive if Alexa took emergency action if there was no emergency.

    So I think Alexa isn’t quite ready to help when lives are at stake.

    • That is due to Ghosts in the area around it, it’s actually picking EVP’s, same thing happened to the Xbox when they came out with their Kinect, it detects how many players or people are in the room to play, they began detecting more than were actually there, people complained to MS, but Ghost groups began to text them out in Haunted locations and figured out it was Ghosts setting them off, now the Kinect is one of the best pieces of equipment to use for Ghost Hunting.

  3. Alexa would be very helpful in an emergency. If i were to say : Alexa, help, the device could call police. or :Alexa, help, call my daughter. sometimes if I were having a heart attack or emergency, like a robbery, its hard to remember exact wording. But HELP is easy to remember

  4. I would like to be able to spell difficult words or names for alexa.For example

    Alexa, play Dyan Diamond

    Alexa probably doesn’t know who that is, but now she will never get that the first name is spelled “Dyan”.

  5. I would like Alexa to gently wake me up during a nightmare in which I am crying out “Help!” Or “Stop!”