15 Best Smart Home Devices You Can Buy in India

It has taken some time but India is finally catching up to the western world when it comes to smart home products. Every month new smart home products are hitting the market and all this has been made possible by the launch of Amazon’s Alexa based Echo speakers and Google Assistant enabled Google Home and Google Home mini speakers. If you are living in India, this is the right time to invest in smart home devices. To help you do that we have curated a list of the 15 best smart home products compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which you can buy in India today:

For making the purchasing decisions easier for you, we have divided the article into different sections. You can switch to the sections you want by clicking on the links below:

Smart Home Lighting Automation Devices

1. Philips Hue Mini Starter with 10 W B22 Bulb

Phillips is the first company that made the smart bulbs popular with its Hue line of devices. Phillips Hue bulbs are not only smart and can be controlled remotely with either Alexa or Google Assistant but since they are LED bulbs, they can also change colors. When paired with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant,  the lights can be controlled just with your voice. That said, for Philips Hue bulbs to work you also need at least one Hue Bridge. That’s why we have included this Phillips Hue starter pack which contains a single Phillips Hue bulb and a Hue Bridge. Once you buy this pack, you can install as many Hue bulbs, light strips, or other Hue products.

1. Philips Hue Mini Starter with 10 W B22 BulbCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹6,499

2. Syska SmartLight 7W LED Bulb

While I consider Philips Hue Bulbs to be the best in class, it doesn’t mean that Philips is the only company that makes them. In fact, the fact that Philips Hue bulbs are so costly, I mostly recommend Syska smart bulbs to my friends and family members. Just like the Philips Hue, Syska smart bulbs work great with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Syska bulbs can also change colors, so you are not actually losing any functionality here. If you are on a tight budget, Syska SmarttLight bulbs are for you.

2. Syska SmartLight 7W LED Bulb

Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,440

3. TP-Link LB120 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

Another company which makes great smart light bulbs at comparatively cheap prices is TP-Link which is mostly known for its WiFi hardware products. Just like Phillips Hue and Syska smart bulbs, Tp-Link LB120 smart LED light bulbs can change colors and work efficiently with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. One thing to note here is that while the first two bulbs on the list feature the regular B22 socket which is the most popular light socket in India and probably the one being used in your home right now, the Tp-Link LB120 features an E26 socket. So, before buying any of the smart bulbs on the list, do check out your home electrical fittings to see which light sockets are compatible with your home.

3. TP-Link LB120 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

Compaetibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹2,149

Smart Switches and Plugs

1. D-Link DSP-W215

While smart lights are great, my favorite smart home products are the smart switches and plugs which allow me to take any regular home appliance and turn it into a smart home appliance. The D-link Smart plugs are WiFi enabled plugs which you can remotely control to cut or provide power to any device that is plugged into them. As with all the other previous products, the D-Link smart plugs work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control appliances with just your voice. Using these smart home plugs I can basically turn on or turn off my washing machine, TV, blender, lights, or any other electrical device that I wish to control.

4. D-Link DSP-W215Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,680

2. Oakter Basic smart home Kit

Okater is a company which is known for making smart home devices and their smart plugs are famous all over the world. The basic smart home kit that is mentioned here contains one smart-home hub, one low powered smart plug, and one high powered smart plug. The high powered smart plug is a great edition as it can be used  to control high power consuming products including AC, geyser, and even water pump. The best part about using Oakter smart plugs is that they also allow users to set up on/off schedules which comes in really handy. For example, I have set my Oakter smart plug which is connected to my water pump to start at 5 AM and close at 7 AM. This allows me to never run out of water without even waking up.

5. Oakter Basic smart home KitCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹5,824

3. Maxcio Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

The Maxcio smart WiFi light switch allows you to control the normal lights in your home with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The smart switches do require a little bit more work than smart plugs as you will have to get it fitted in your home, that said, once you do that, you can easily control electrical appliances such as lights, fans, and other which do not need to be plugged in. If you really want to make your home a smart home, these smart switches are must-have products. That said, Maxico smart switches don’t come cheap and if you want cheaper options, you should check out Sonoff Basic Wifi Smart Switch which comes at 1/10th of the price of Maxico smart switch.

6. Maxcio Smart Wi-Fi Light SwitchCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹6,999

Smart Home Devices For Entertainment

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is probably my most favorite Amazon product of all time. The Fire Stick TV has allowed me to convert my 4-year-old TV into a smart TV and it can do that for you too. Just plug the device into the HDMI port of your TV and use it to not only watch content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, but also from Indian channels such as HotStar, SonyLiv, and more. I also love the fact that I can use my Echo speaker to control the Fire Stick TV with just my voice. If you have an old TV with an HDMI port, this is the best thing that you can gift yourself.

7. Amazon Fire Stick TVCompatibility: Amazon Alexa

Buy From Amazon: ₹3,999

2. Google Chromecast 2

While Fire TV Stick is great, it is no good for people who are deeply integrated into Google’s ecosystem and not Amazon’s, as the Fire TV Stick cannot be controlled by your Google Assistant. If you want to control media on your TV using your Google Assistant, you should definitely buy a Google Chromecast. One thing to remember here is that Google Chromecast doesn’t work independently like the Fire TV Stick and needs your smartphone to work. The device basically allows you to cast anything that you are playing on your phone to a TV. So, you will need to install the apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube on your Android device and then cast it on your TV.

8. Google Chromecast 2Compatibility: Google Assistant

Buy From Flipkart: ₹2,999

3. Onida Full HD Smart Android LED TV

For the above two products to work, your old TV needs to have an HDMI port and if it doesn’t have that, it’s probably time to upgrade your TV to a new smart TV. While there are tons of smart TVs out there, my favorite TV which is not only good but also doesn’t break the bank is the Onida 40-inch Smart Android TV which brings full HD resolution (19201080), 10 W speakers, 3HDMI port and 2*USB Ports. 9. Onida Full HD Smart Android LED TVI understand that Xiaomi has launched cheaper smart TVs, but they work on Xiaomi’s proprietary software called PatchWall which cannot be controlled by either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Also, as of writing this article, PatchWall does not support either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video which is the real deal breaker for me. So, if you are looking for a real smart TV Onida LEO40FSAIN smart TV is the one to buy.

Compatibility: Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹33,999

Smart Home Devices for Security

1. Ring Doorbell

One of the best things about smart home devices is the fact that they have made it possible for normal households to install security devices which were previously reserved only for the elites. One of my favorite smart home security devices is the Ring Doorbell which records the video of everyone on the front door and lets you see who is it. The doorbell also allows users to add familiar faces so that it will only send you a notification when it doesn’t identify who is on the door. If you are setting up your home security, Ring Doorbell is something you should certainly buy.

10. Ring DoorbellCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹19,999

2. Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 home security camera system is one of the best security camera systems you can install in your house. The best part about this security system is that the included cameras are both wireless and battery-powered. That means that you can install these cameras pretty much anywhere that you want. The cameras are also waterproof so you can even install them outside your house to monitor any suspicious activities. The cameras come with 7 days of free cloud recording which is way better than 24 hours free cloud recording service provided by most of the other companies. If you need home security cameras, do check out Arlo.

11. Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR Home Security Camera SystemCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹49,999

3. August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock Pro is for people who are constantly worried about the fact that they have locked the doors or not. The smart lock automatically locks itself after a set period of time and even allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors. You can also send your guests temporary keys via its app to let them in if you are not at home. Lastly, you can also use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the locks and lock and unlock your home with just your voice.

12. August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd GenerationCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹23,026

4. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

The last smart home security product is a multipurpose sensor from Samsung which is an all-in-one sensor that can detect vibration, orientation and angle (tilt), temperature and when things open or close. These sensors are great if you want to monitor secure areas of your home as it can instantly notify you if a door, window, cabinet or drawer open unexpectedly. You can also set the sensor to send you reminders if you forgot to lock a door or drawer. If you have an area in your home where you do not want to install cameras but still want to keep it secure, the multipurpose sensor can come in really handy, that too at a very cheap cost.

13. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose SensorCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹5,969

Other Smart Home devices

1. Nest Thermostats

If you have the privilege of owning a house with a temperature controlled system, Nest Thermostats cannot only make it easier for you to control the temperature, but also save energy while you are it. The Nest Thermostat constantly monitors the ambient temperature and allows you to remotely manipulate it using either the Nest app or Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Nest thermostat is also intelligent and it always learns. It can learn how long it takes your home to heat up and cool down and find the most energy-efficient way to do that. Nest arguably makes the best thermostat in the world and you can never go wrong with it.

15. Nest ThermostatsCompatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹39,999

2. Eufy RoboVac 11

The last smart home product on this list is not a necessity but is something which comes in really handy, especially if you live alone. The Eufy RoboVac 11 is a self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner which cleans your house without you even noticing it. You can remotely control the vacuum using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. So, you can have it start the clean up when you are not at home and come back to a clean home without doing any work. If you live alone and hate cleaning, check out Eufy RoboVac 11.

16. Eufy RoboVac 11Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Buy From Amazon: ₹21,999

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Make Your Home Smart with Smart Home Devices in India

That ends our list of the best smart home devices that you can currently buy in India. I am happy that the smart home manufacturing companies are entering India and giving Indian consumers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that come with always connected smart home products. I love smart home products and already own a couple of smart plugs, switches, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and more. But, what about you? Do let us know which are your favorite smart home products by commenting in the section below.

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  • As a layman, I really find that the article was very informative and helped me to take right decision. Thank you.

  • As a layman, I really find that the article was very informative and helped me to take right decision. Thank you.

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