12 Best Action Games for Android (Free and Paid)

Mobile gaming has often been regarded as just a casual alternative when you can’t access your console or PC, but times have changed. Gone are the days of pixelated gameplay and choppy graphics because the new wave of mobile games, especially ones that fall in the action genre, bring everything from stunning visuals and smooth gameplay to impressive mechanics and a rich storyline to the table. If you are looking for some adrenaline-pumping action games for your Android smartphone, here’s a list of the 12 best mobile titles that’ll provide you a thrilling experience and will keep you engaged for quite some time in 2020.

12 Best Action Games for Android in 2020

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

This game is a phenomenon, and if you are into mobile gaming, you’ve probably played it or heard about it from friends. So, what’s unique about PUBG? Well, all you gotta do is land in a zone alongside 99 others in an abandoned area, collect weapons, kill enemies and be the last man standing. You can also drop with a partner in duos mode, or form a four-man squad. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, the objective is clear, but PUBG Mobile’s excellent visuals, the sheer variety of weapons and add-ons, vehicles and the open-world surrounding with the ‘live or die’ setting makes it a thrilling experience unlike any other.

And if you think collecting weapons and shooting opponents is a simple task, wait until someone uses a sniper rifle and shoots you from a location you can’t even see. Every single battle royale match is a delight in itself, and with the addition of content such as new maps, weapons, game modes and character customization options, there is always something new to discover and keep the quest for the ‘Chicken Dinner’ alive. Plus, if you don’t have the time to spend playing a full classic match of PUBG that can easily last over 30 minutes, there’s an Arcade mode as well, with quick matches, and special variations to the game that make it a lot more exciting even for quick breaks between your work sessions.

Along with that, the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass adds on cosmetic upgrades and rewards to make the game even more interesting. There’s a free pass that everyone gets access to, with limited weekly missions and rewards, and you can get the elite Royale Pass to unlock additional missions, more rewards, and even just for bragging rights.

Games like PUBG Mobile have changed the way people used ot think about mobile gaming. It is definitely one of the best action games available out there, and you should definitely check it out.

Download PUBG Mobile (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is hands down one of the best fighting games on the mobile platform. While Tekken and Injustice 2 are awesome too, their mobile versions could not replicate the same experience that they offer on consoles. Mortal Kombat X remains the exception in this regard. The iconic characters, over-the-top moves and brutal fatalities, all trickle down in a visually stunning form in Mortal Kombat X. There is plenty of gore and bloody violence, all of which is captured in stunning detail, something that is a signature element of the franchise.

You can engage in a 3V3 battle with three fighters on your side and build a roster of different characters, challenge other players in an online bloodfest, and get help from allies during a battle. Taps and swipes are what constitute the gameplay mechanics, while the rewards can be used to buy new characters, customization items, taunts, etc. Fatalities are a little tough to execute but trust me, the wait is totally worth it. The X-ray spectacle of shattered bones, blood spraying, and flying skulls is gore at its best.

While the campaign mode in Mortal Kombat X is excellent, the game offers a bunch of other game modes as well, including a Quest Mode where you can send your collection of Mortal Kombat fighters on epic quests to gain rewards. You can also check out ‘Shao Kahn’s Tower’ where you’ll have to fight to the top to earn talent points and spirit fragments. Plus, if you want, you can play against real players in the Faction Wars as well.

Download Mortal Kombat X (Free, with in-app purchases)

3. Fortnite

Fortnite can be called a more colorful and creative version of PUBG with less realistic battle settings and more in-game content than any Android title game out there. The game is simply a blast. The premise remains the same i.e. survive until you are the sole player alive or kill the maximum number of opponents in a specified time. There are multiple modes such as solo, duo, squad, and Playground, alongside a ton of limited time events including a 50v50 mode, big team mode and a lot more. However, what sets Fortnite apart from every other Battle Royale game out there is the building mechanism involved. You can ‘farm’ materials by breaking down almost everything you find in the map including trees, houses, rocks, and even cars, and you can use those materials to build structures to get cover when you need it, or reach higher ground to use as a better vantage point for sniping.

But more importantly, Fortnite adds a lot of jazz and wild things which are hard to find in any other game out there. Remember those sassy dance moves called emotes? Then there are some insane weapons such as guided missiles, boogie bombs, and a lot of other fun stuff. The sheer number of controls on the screen and simultaneous killing and construction can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get a hold of it, it would be hard to put your smartphone away. The customization options are seemingly endless and the gameplay remains fresh with the regular addition of content with new every season and event.

Just like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite also has a season pass called ‘Battle Pass’ which unlocks weekly missions and cosmetic rewards including emotes, skins, gliders, and a host of other stuff that you can use in the game. Plus, if you don’t want to pay for the Battle Pass, there’s a free variant that’s available to everyone with a lower number of missions and rewards, but almost all of the fun.

What I personally love about Fortnite is the fact that even though this is a battle royale game, not everyone is gunning for the win in matches. You’ll come across people who are simply building outrageously ambitious buildings, trying to complete time-trials that are peppered around the map, and basically just having fun. It’s a lighthearted game, and a lot of people play it that way. You should definitely check out Fortnite if you’re looking for a wildly different battle royale experience than any other game out there.

Download Fortnite (Free, with in-app purchases)

4. Shadowgun Legends

The best alien shooter game out there? Shadowgun Legends. Aside from being a visual spectacle, Shadowgun Legends is simply the most enjoyable game in its genre. The gameplay is super smooth, the graphics are awesome and the weapon mechanics are pretty simple too. But what makes Shadowngun Legends a must-play game is the sheer number of missions, the different settings and the depth of the story development which makes the missions look like a true stealth operation which involves everything from shooting down alien drones and destroying power stations to blasting off alien heads in a glorious fashion.

The game starts off with a rather fun intro video which you can skip, but I’d totally recommend watching, and after that you can get right into the action. Shadowgun Legends has some elements of an RPG, and while you’re on the base planet (which is where you get your missions from, buy weapons, and even participate in tournaments), you can interact with other real players that are also playing the game. It definitely adds a very realistic feeling to the entire set-up of the game.

The story mode is quite immersive with over hundreds of operations to choose from on different planets, while co-op missions, raids, and PvP team battles will keep the gameplay experience fresh. There are hundreds of character customization options, but there is a separate section where you can choose from no less than 600 guns and armor parts to help you become an alien-killing legend. Also, the in-game dialogues are totally badass and make the experience even more rewarding.

Download Shadowgun Legends (Free, with in-app purchases)

5. Modern Combat 5

Get ready to hit the battlefield in one of the best shooter series on the Android platform, Modern Combat 5. The high-octane explosive action game’s fifth installment is better than ever. In the game, you are the super soldier who’s going to lead your team to glory by shooting terrorists, bringing down helicopters, sniping enemies on water jets and a lot more. Launch an all-out attack as the assault class, embark on a stealth mission with the recon class, or choose a class from the 9 options available which suit you.

If you have played Call of Duty before, then you are going to love this game on your smartphone. You can play in 5 vs 5 game modes against other people from around the world and coordinate your strikes via voice chat with your teammates to win the battles. The game requires a lot of quick reflexes and skill if you want to see your name at top of the leaderboard. The graphics are stunning, the combat environment is realistic and the overall experience is simply one of the best you’ll get from a mobile game.

Mortal Combat 5 also has a bunch of game modes you can play in. There’s the campaign mode, obviously, but there’s also a multiplayer mode, bonus events, and even a new battle royale mode (because why not) that you can play. It’s definitely one of the most fun action games you can play on Android.

Download Modern Combat 5 (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. Brothers in Arms 3

If you are a fan of shooting games set in the World War era, Brothers in Arms 3 will provide you just that with an added dash of cinematic visuals and a ton of action. The battle settings are quite realistic and the game mechanics are easy to master with minimal control clutter on the screen. Instead of collecting a ton of weapons, the player is simply armed with a gun which can be upgraded or changed for a more powerful version, while heavy attacks such as air strike and rocket firing are carried by ‘brothers’ with special skills who are unlocked after completing missions.

The story-driven single player mode is excellent, but the real fun lies in the multiplayer mode which has two formats and is played on four different maps. But that’s not all. You can upgrade your weapon’s characteristics such as fire rate, reload time or straight up choose another one which rains high caliber bullets or even shoots an electric blast. You can embark on different missions which range from direct assault to sniping and stealth targets, with some special time-limited events also thrown in the mix. The game also has a kill-zoom camera that shows off some of the most impressive kills with adrenaline-pumping zoom and effects. What’s more, the game employs a bunch of additional features to make the gameplay even more realistic — while the graphics are definitely awesome, the game uses highly detailed environments (both indoors and outdoors) and even has weather variations to make missions seem even more true-to-life than what they were with Brothers in Arms 2.

Gameloft has also launched a companion app for smartwatches, that lets you claim rewards, check your weapons, and even sign up for events directly from your wrist. The app is compatible with the Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, ZenWatch, and on the Apple Watch for players playing on an iPhone.

The graphics are nice, the gameplay is smooth and the overall experience is great.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 (Free, with in-app purchases)

7. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few games based on an anime series which accurately depicts the characters’ distinctive fighting styles and powers. The game interestingly runs in portrait mode and employs a swipe and tap-based system for moving and executing basic attacks while power cards of different level are available for heavy assaults and special attacks. The controls are easy to master, but what sets Dragon Ball Legends apart from other fighting games are the excellent graphics and animations which are mirrored with utmost accuracy in the game.

Fans of the anime series will find themselves at home with the game because Dragon Ball Legends’ story draws directly from the Super Saiyan Broly arc. Yes, the hulking, villainous Broly who easily overpowers the likes of Goku and Vegeta. Coming to the game, the controls are easy and executing deadly combos is no tough task either. Aside from the story mode, you can also engage in online battles against opponents across the globe, but what will truly amaze you is the excellent fight animations and the true-to-character voices which make the game even more exciting.

Download Dragon Ball Legends (Free, with in-app purchases)

8. Xenowerk

Xenowerk might well be the simplest game in terms of controls on this list, but the straight-to-business approach of this game is what you’ll love, especially if you just want to play a shooter game without a complex storyline. In Xenowerk, you play as a lone soldier who scouts five different facilities crawling with all sorts of gruesome and bloodthirsty aliens. All you need to do is follow the maps on each level and once you spot an alien’s heat signature, just move, aim and shoot.

The game uses a top-down view into the various levels you’ll be playing in, and while the controls are easy, they are certainly different from what you’d expect in a shooter game. For one, you can’t just aim and then shoot in Xenowerk. As soon as you tap the aiming reticule, your character starts spraying bullets in that direction and you can move the aiming-joystick around to adjust aim while shooting. Weapons don’t have limited ammo here, which is great because you’ll end up wasting a lot of ammo; however, there is a heating aspect involved with the weapons, and you’ll have to keep an eye on the heat meter or else your gun will overheat and stop shooting until it cools down.

Killing aliens without taking damage will upgrade your weapon, but try to blast those monsters into a green goo from a safe distance or else they’ll maul you to death. And hey, keep away from those green canisters of radioactive materials because they’ll deplete your health really fast. Just use the left and right half of the screen for navigation and shooting respectively, while tapping the weapons button will change your gun. Xenowerk’s gameplay is fluidic, the visual elements are nice and the best part is that it can be played with relative ease on low-end devices too.

Download Xenowerk (Free, with in-app purchases)

9. Metal Soldier: Shooter

Ever feel like playing a classic Gameboy shooter game on your Android smartphone? If yes, then Metal Soldier: Shooter might well be the game of your dreams. The game’s settings are reminiscent of classics like Contra, but Metal Soldier: Shooter’s character design is way more refined and sharp. You play as a futuristic soldier who takes on goons, tanks and different types of killer machines with an assortment of weapons while navigating through different levels.

The smooth gameplay experience is further enhanced by the cool background music and the sound of different weapons with occasional voiceover also thrown into the mix. The best part is that the game is not resource-intensive and doesn’t hogs a lot of internal storage, which means it can be played even on low-end Android smartphones without a hitch. The levels get tougher as you progress, but you can always count on the easy controls and assistance from a robotic gun, rocket strike, etc. to rescue you once or twice. But be warned, the game is quite addictive and you’ll have to endure a ton of ads too.

Download Metal Soldier: Shooter (Free, with in-app purchases)

10. Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival is the most realistic depiction of a zombie apocalypse, because contrary to what you see in such games and movies, you won’t have a ton of weapons at your disposal in such a scenario. This is what makes the game unique and genuine to the core, where your objective is to run past a horde of zombies and use bullets only when it is absolutely necessary. As you progress through the levels, you can unlock a wide array of weapons with more destructive power, but you have to use them sensibly.

Despite that appearing to be a limitation, you’ll actually get hooked to the auto-runner game really fast once you a play a few levels, thanks to the gorgeous visuals and the easy-to-master controls. Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival’s predecessor was a major hit, but the sequel improves upon it with an actual storyline, more challenges and special events, immersive visuals and more diverse arsenal. Play Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival for the unique zombie apocalypse survival experience it brings to the table, period.

Download Into the Dead 2 (Free, in-app purchases)

11. Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

If an action-packed first-person shooter is what on the top of your mind, you shouldn’t fail to give a shot to Zombie Frontier 3. In this zombie apocalypse, you are up against dreading zombie attacks that can test both your skill and temperament to the acid test. Featuring more than 120 action levels, your role as a sniper hunter has a lot at stake. Not just that, the game has also got 60 sniper special forces missions designed to get the most out of you as a player. But don’t worry, Zombie Frontier will reward you with a ton of goodies and also offer you a chance to rule the leaderboard as the most decorated zombie hunter provided you take the attack to the rivals and win every battle convincingly.

As a shooter, I always like to have a variety of powerful weapons so that I can wreak havoc in rivals’ camps. And I must say that Zombie Frontier’s collection of over 30 attack sniper guns has looked quite solid to me. Guns like MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, and HK 416 will let you unleash adrenaline-fuelling shooting spree. Keep in mind, mere row power won’t fetch you victories. And unless your attack has a killer strategy, it may not just fall flat but also throw you out of the battlefield before long.

Download Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS (Free, with in-app purchases)

12. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

If you are itching for an epic battle where you can showcase your heroics as a charismatic warrior, Iron Balde is exactly what you should go after. Set in medieval Europe, the game is lashed with endless war and magic. Not just that, this exciting action RPG game for Android is primed to tickle your fantasy with gripping gameplay and console-quality graphics. As for the combat system, it requires a bit of a learning curve. But once you have gone after that initial phase of mastering all the tricks, you will never want to stop.

Along the way, the game offers you plenty of opportunities to collect amazing weapons so that you can continue to dominate your rivals. Plus, the eye-catching real-world locations to ensure your time at exploring things never hit the bumpy ride. But never let your excitement go over the heat as a hidden plot or unexpected betrayal might put you in a spot of huge bother.

Download Iron Blade  (Free, with in-app purchases)

Bonus: Marvel Contest of Champions

For the folks looking for nerve-wracking superhero battles, Marvel Contest of Champions promises to be a top bet. Yeah, you got that right! With this one of the most exciting action-adventure games for Android, you get a chance to set Captain America vs. Iron Man, Hulk vs. Wolverine, Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! Well, the story just doesn’t stop there as you can play the role of the kingpin to unravel epic battles in Marvel history.

Just in case you are buoyed by the superpowers, let me warn you upfront that the villains are no less charismatic. With the likes of mighty Thanos and Kang the Conqueror, your road to victory is never going to be a cakewalk. Beyond action-packed gaming, I have really enjoyed exploring the fascinating quest maps and collecting a ton of goodies for staying ahead of the battles. What’s more, the alliance quest series also offers a great chance to collaborate with other players to eliminate villains to save the destruction of The Marvel Universe.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions (Free, with in-app purchases)

Enjoy the Best Action Games on Android

Well, these are our picks for the best action games for Android. But do keep in mind that a majority of the games on this list are quite resource intensive and require internet connectivity, so make sure that you run them on a smartphone with a decent hardware for the bests experience. If you are using a older or low-powered smartphone, check out our list on best low MB games to get your gaming on. That’s all from us, share with us your favorite action games in the comments below.

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