Beeper Mini, iMessage on Android, Now Requires You to Have a Mac

beeper mini is imessage emulating application for android
In Short
  • A fix that makes Beeper Mini and Cloud functional once again is coming on December 20.
  • Beeper now requires you to own a Mac or have a friend with a Mac lend you their registration data.
  • The team says this solution is very reliable and 10-20 iMessage users can safely use the same registration data.

It’s merely been two weeks since Beeper Mini made its exciting debut on Android, but the app has faced its fair share of ups and downs. Apple is hot on Beeper’s tail to suspend access to iMessage on Android phones, and recently, over 60% of Beeper Mini users have been unable to send and receive messages. Well, the developer team has found a solution that will allow Android users to once again use iMessage, but the catch is that they need to have access to a Mac.

In an official post on Reddit, Beeper has confirmed that the fix (read workaround) requires “you to have access to a Mac computer, or have a friend on Beeper with a Mac.” The team has been testing this solution for both Beeper Cloud and Mini, saying that it works well and is very reliable. But, why do you need a Mac?

Beeper explains in its post that when you sign up for its app and connect to iMessage, they need to send identification information called ‘registration data’ to your Android phone from a Mac device. Prior to developing the upcoming fix, Beeper was using Mac servers deployed by them to facilitate this task. However, the server farm supplying registration data for thousands of users, well, made it super easy for Apple to target it and shut it down.

To resolve this, Beeper requires you to either own a Mac or request a friend to lend you their Mac so you can use their registration data. The team has been actively testing this method, and around “10-20 iMessage users can safely use the same registration data.”

Moreover, the update rolling out to Beeper Cloud and Mini on December 20 will generate unique registration data for users. Guess we will have to wait and see how reliable this solution is. Will Apple figure out a way to spoil the party again? We will find out soon enough.

However, if you ask me, at this point, I don’t even care for Beeper Mini or the hoops that I need to jump through to change my message color and appease iMessage (iPhone) users. Let them all be happy in their (blue) bubble, folks! Moreover, I’m now waiting to see how Apple implements RCS within its messaging apps, enabling secure communication with Android phones. If this back and forth keeps up, I don’t see users sticking around for long either if the process of using iMessage on Android keeps becoming more tiresome.

We have better messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram, that boast more practical and impressive features, so why don’t you give them a try? As Captain Holt (late Andre Braugher) from Brooklyn 99 once said, “Give it a whirl, girl” That said, what draws you to iMessage over the other apps? Tell us in the comments below.

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