Beeper Mini Brings iMessage to Android; No Apple ID Required

beeper mini is imessage emulating application for android
In Short
  • Beeper Mini uses the research from security researcher 'jjtech', who reverse-engineered Apple's iMessage platform.
  • Beeper Mini brings iMessage for Android in a 'secure' manner, with no servers or extra fluff in the middle.
  • You can download it now from the Play Store. The app works quite well, however, there is a $1.99 monthly subscription to use it.

The age-old battle between Android and iMessage users might finally be on the cusp of ending. And we are not referring to Nothing Chats. Beeper, the messaging app has come out with Beeper Mini, which finally brings Apple’s iMessage experience on Android!

But how is it even possible? Well, in a blog post shared by the company, it is being forthcoming, direct, and transparent about its technology – unlike the Sunbird & Nothing Chats app situation. The iMessage protocol has been reverse-engineered by a security researcher known as “jjtech.

Beeper then leveraged the research to bring iMessage to Android! With this, Beeper Mini brings an assortment of iMessage features to Android. This includes iMessage end-to-end encryption and native media sending. According to the developers, the Bluebird app implements Apple’s encryption protocol in itself.

“We built Beeper Mini by analyzing the traffic sent between the native iMessage app and Apple’s servers, and rebuilding our own app that sends the same requests and understands the same responses.” – Beeper Developers

As complex as it sounds, using Beeper Mini is actually quite simple. Begin by getting it from the Google Play Store (visit). A very easy setup process takes over, which will also require you to sign in to your Google ID. However, you will need to sign up for a free 7 day trial before you can use it.

beeper mini imessage for android app
Features of Beeper Mini include images, GIFs, sharing contacts, emojis, deleting messages, and more

That’s all! After setting up your avatar, you will start using Apple’s iMessage platform on Android through the Beeper Mini app. Beeper promises that the app does not use any servers or extra devices, unlike the intrinsic design of other iMessage-emulating applications.

Once the 7-day trial ends, you will need to pay $1.99 a month to keep using iMessage for Android through Beeper Mini. Personally, if you really need iMessage and want to be part of those group conversations, this is perfect.

Beebom’s Take: Is Beeper Mini the Final Answer to iMessage for Android?

Beeper Mini could very well be the final answer to iMessage for Android. Not only is the app running on code that you grab yourself, but the developers are also super transparent overall about everything. In comparison to the Nothing Chats app, this one has not only been executed in a better manner, but the same objective (bring iMessage to Android) has been achieved without involving extra servers by Beeper Mini.

All we can hope is that Beeper Mini’s development continues to thrive. Moreover, Apple could very much create an issue that could result in problematic future availability. Still, given Apple’s own ongoing issues, such as the EU law, which could force them to allow sideloading on iPhones, they could also just not mind that iMessage can be used on Android. We will keep you updated on the situation!

What are your thoughts on Beeper Mini, the iMessage replacement for Android? Will you be using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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