Aviationstack API: Real-time Flight Status & Global Aviation Data API

Aviationstack API - Real-time Flight Status & Global Aviation Data API

Millions of passengers use flights to go from one end of the globe to another with more than 100,000 flights taking off and landing every day. Aviation is a giant industry and if you are a business that is planning to enter this industry, you need to have a robust system that not only tracks flights but also gives you real-time information on airports, airline routes, and more. Another data point that is crucial to the business is the flight history data. Several services that give you access to these kinds of data, however, most of these services cost a lot. In this article, we are going to share a simple, cost-effective tool that gives you access to real-time flight tracking data. It’s called Aviationstack API and here is a quick look at its features.

Aviationstack API: The Advantages and Benefits

Aviationstack API is a powerful API that offers a simple and cost-effective way of accessing global flight tracking data in real-time. Not only that, the API also gives you access to tons of other relevant data points including historical flights data, schedules, airline routes, airports, aircrafts, and more. It covers more than 10,000 airports around the world across 9,000 cities in over 250 countries.

Aviationstack API - UI

Whether your business interest lies in building booking platforms, visualizing and monitoring global flights, or creating popular flight tracking applications, Aviationstack API can serve you well. Here are some of the features and benefits that you can expect from Aviationstack API if you choose to use it:

  • Get real-time flight tracking data delayed by as little as 30-60 seconds. This ensures that your data is always on point.
  • Get Worldwide coverage: Aviationstack API covers more than 10,000 airports across 9,000 cities in over 250 countries. So. no matter your flight’s origin or destination, you can track it.
  • Get granular historical flight data that include routes, flight numbers, location, dates, times, airports, terminals, gates, aircrafts, and much more.
  • Apart from real-time flight data, you also get data on historical flights, airlines and routes, airports, aircrafts, aviation tax by country, and more.
  • Scale to match your demand: The aviationstack API is built for scale. It uses powerful, auto-scaling apilayer cloud infrastructure, making it capable of handling anything from a few thousand requests per month to millions of calls per hour.
  • Aviationstack API uses industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS (SSL) encryption that keeps your data protected and safe.
  • It supports coding languages including PHP, Python, Node.js., jQuery, Go and Ruby.
  • Aviationstack API is also easy to implement. It’s beginner-friendly thanks to its clear documentation showing how to use the service.

So, now you know how powerful and effective is the Aviationstack API. Its feature-set proves that it can handle the needs of any business which is looking for such a service. All that is left to do is talk about its pricing. You must be thinking that a service as good as this will cost a boat-load of money. Well, you cannot be farther from the truth.

Pricing and Availability

It is really hard to find such a good and powerful API that offers businesses flight tracking data in real-time. And, if you do find such a service, it’s going to cost you a lot. That’s where Aviationstack API stands out from the crowd. Not only it offers a reasonable pricing model, it also offers a free plan which is something unheard of in this industry. Of course, the free plan is quite limited, however, it’s good enough to get started. Also, remember that the free plan comes with a personal license. You get 500 API requests per month and access to real-time flights and full aviation data. You will, however, not get access to historical flight data, encryption support, and airline routes data.

Pricing - Aviationstack API

I think for most small businesses, the Basic plan will be more than enough. It will cost $49.99/month ($39.99/month if billed yearly) and get you a commercial license, 10,000 API requests and all the features of the software except the “Extended Limit”. Big businesses can go for the Professional plan that costs $149.99/month ($119.99/month if billed annually). It gets you 50,000 API requests per month and all the features.

Finally, there’s the business plan which costs $499.99/month ($399.99/month if billed yearly) and allows you to make up to 250,000 requests a month. If your company needs are even higher than this, you can always contact them to get a custom plan made just for you.

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Aviationstack API: Real-Time Flight Tracking Simplified

Aviationstack API is a boon for businesses that struggle to get real-time flight data accurate and fast. The service makes the data accessible thanks to its easy implementation. I also love that apart from real-time flight data, Aviationstack API also provides other data sets that are quite useful. Also, its reasonable pricing is like icing on a cake. If your business needs a real-time flight tracking API on steroids, this is the one you should get.

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