Apple Watch Series 8 with Body Temperature Sensor Tipped Again!

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Following up on Kuo’s recent statement, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman now reports that Apple will integrate a body temperature sensor into its upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. The tipster also shared new information about the Apple Watch SE 2 and a rugged version of the Apple Watch. Check out the details right below!

Apple Watch Series 8 to Get a New Sensor!

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman reports that the Apple Watch Series 8 and a rugged sports edition of the Apple Watch would feature a new sensor to measure the approximate body temperature of a user. The Apple Watch SE 2, however, will skip the sensor, probably due to its lower price point. This further confirms the possibility of three Apple Watches this year.

Gurman says that although the presence of a body temperature sensor is highly likely, it will not give users a specific reading like a traditional thermometer. Instead, the sensor will measure the approximate body temperature of a user and suggest using a traditional thermometer or talking to a doctor if it “thinks” a user has a fever.

“The body-temperature feature won’t give you a specific reading—like with a forehead or wrist thermometer—but it should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever. It could then recommend talking to your doctor or using a dedicated thermometer,” Gurman wrote.

Now, it is worth mentioning that the body temperature measurement function will require FDA approvals and won’t be as accurate as ECG on the Apple Watch. The ECG feature is approved by the FDA and various other global organizations, while the body-temperature measurement feature is more like the SpO2 monitoring feature of the wearables.

Other Apple Watch Series 8 Expectations

Other than these, Gurman noted that the Apple Watch Series 8 would retain the same S6 chipset, which was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 6. This will be the third time Apple will use the same chip for its watch. It is probably due to the fact that Apple is now focusing more on its Mac chipsets like the M1 and the M2 chipsets instead of focusing on iPhone or Apple Watch chipsets.

However, Gurman says that Apple will offer upgraded displays with the Apple Watch Series 8. These displays are expected to be brighter than the ones on the previous-gen models. Moreover, the upcoming Apple Watch model is also expected to get satellite connectivity.

So, if you are interested, stay tuned for further updates on the same. Also, let us know your thoughts about the body temperature sensor of the Apple Watch Series 8 in the comments below.

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