Apple Watch Series 8 Leaked Image Points to No Design Change

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Apple recently introduced the Watch 7 series with a few changes if not a lot. The successor to this year’s Apple Watch has already started making the rounds and the latest information is a look at its possible design. Heads up: this might disappoint many.

Apple Watch Series 8 Render Surfaces

The leaked image (via iDropNews) suggests that the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to share a resemblance with the current Watch Series 7. This means we can expect a bezel-less display with curved edges for the 2022 Apple Watch too. There will be a small difference, though.

The render suggests that the smartwatch will come with two speaker grilles, instead of one on the current one. This is expected to improve the audio output.

It is suggested that the render is based on the CAD files and images provided by people familiar with the matter. However, it’s worth pointing that these are just rumors and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apple Watch Series 8 Leaked Image Points to No Design Change
Image: iDropNews

Another thing to note is that the color used in the render isn’t a part of the leak, hence, no purple-hued Apple Watch. Although, the iPad Air’s light green might be one of the colorways for the Apple Watch Series 8.

While the leaked render appears disappointing as it doesn’t hint at major design changes, we might get to see some under the hood. The Apple Watch Series 8 might come with a few intriguing features such as the ability to measure body temperature (which was expected for this year’s watch too), alcohol levels, a sensor to monitor blood sugar levels, and more. Of course, we can expect the watch to include improved battery life, a faster chip, and more added functionalities.

As a reminder, we still don’t have anything concrete to support the aforementioned. Hence, it makes sense to wait for more details. What are your thoughts on the expected Apple Watch Series 8 design? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE iDropNews
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