Apple Developing a Smart Ring to Rival Samsung Galaxy Ring: Report

Apple Smart Ring
In Short
  • A new report claims that Apple is speeding up the development of its smart ring that can be worn on the finger to track health biometrics.
  • Apple Ring is designed to be a popular alternative to the Apple Watch, but the specifics are currently unknown.
  • Apple's smart ring is expected to be a direct rival to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring that will debut later in 2024.

Apple already leads the wearables category with the Apple Watch and AirPods. However, its catalog is missing a smart ring. The concept was teased several years ago, but it didn’t make the headlines as the Cupertino tech giant wasn’t developing it actively. Interestingly, a new report from Korea claims that Apple is speeding up the development of its smart ring that can be worn on the finger to track health biometrics.

Apple Ring has been a concept for almost a decade now. Several patent reports point to the fact that Apple has considered the utility of smart rings for a notable amount of time. Back in October 2015, an application surfaced Apple’s idea of developing smart rings.

Now that Samsung is all set to dive into the smart ring market with the Galaxy Ring, it’s time for Apple to put its long-rumored plan into action. If we look at Apple’s innovation and its timeline to enter a new product lineup, the giant always believes in doing things differently. As we all know, it might take some extra time than the competition, but it always does the best implementation.

According to a report from the Electronic Times, Apple has been closely observing the market for signs that a smart ring would be a popular alternative to a smartwatch because it can be worn for longer and is easier to sleep with. I think Apple should have enough data by now and it’s the right time to step foot into this segment.

Apple always wanted to expand its wearables lineup and has been consistently applying for patents related to an NFC-enabled finger-worn device. And now, it seems the ring is ready for the limelight.

Apple Ring rumors resurfaced after Samsung announced its Galaxy Ring, which is confirmed to make its debut in H2 2024. The timeline aligns with Samsung’s second Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, which will take place in late July. The South Korean firm teased its first smart ring during its Galaxy S24 launch in January.

Galaxy Ring is rumored to feature several useful health features, including the ability to measure blood flow, sleep tracking, and ECG monitoring. Besides, the smart ring might let you control other devices and make wireless payments remotely. The Galaxy Ring might come in several sizes so users can pick a comfortable fit for them.

Well, smart rings have been around for some time now. The category is currently led by Oura Ring, first released in 2015. The ring appears like discrete jewelry, fused with sensors in a similar manner to a smartwatch. The Oura Ring collects daily activity information, sleep data, heart rate data, and respiratory rate data, and transmits it via Bluetooth to the Oura app.

Now, the third-generation Oura Ring can measure body temperature and menstrual cycle. It has a pretty decent battery life that can last for a week on a single charge.

In March 2022, Oura revealed that it sold one million rings. However, the company has recently faced a lot of criticism after it introduced a $5.99 monthly subscription fee that locks the holistic view behind a paywall.

Coming back to Apple Ring, it would be interesting to see how Apple plays around and intrigues the users, especially when Samsung is all set to take the lead in late 2024.

Do you think the Apple Ring could become an Apple Watch alternative? Or, the smart ring will find itself in the optional wearable segment? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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