Apple Introduces Self Service Repair Program to Let You Fix Your iPhone at Home

apple self service repair

Apple has decided to let users repair their own iPhones with the announcement of the new Self Service Repair program. The program will provide users access to Apple’s genuine parts and tools, so they can easily perform the repair themselves instead of relying on third-party repair shops. Initially, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series will be eligible for the repair program. Following this, it will soon be expanded to more products, including the M1 chips-powered Macs.

Apple Makes iPhone Repairs Easy for All Users

People who can handle their own iPhone repairs will become a part of the 5000+ Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and 2,800 Independent Repair Providers who have access to the same genuine parts and tools. They will initially focus on common repairs like the iPhone camera, display, and battery. More repair modules will be added next year.

But first, those looking to start with the process will have to review the repair manual. The idea is to ensure that people can really get the hang of the repair process. Once sure, they can purchase the parts and tools from the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store. The store comprises more than 200 individual parts and tools.

In addition to this, customers can return used parts for recycling and, in turn, get store credits for future purchases. Apple notes that the Self Service Repair program is for people who have enough knowledge and experience to conduct the process. The company still advises people to visit a professional repair service provider in case they don’t know anything about repairs.

The announcement comes as a sigh of relief for many as Apple has been forced to make the move for years now. Especially when it was recently revealed that those trying to get third-party iPhone 13 screen replacements will lose out on the Face ID functionality. After much backlash, Apple backtracked on its decision and announced that it will release a software update to allow for third-party repairs without impacting Face ID on the new iPhone 13.

The new initiative is an extension of a previous repair program from 2019. The Independent Repair Provider program allowed individual repair shops to conduct iPhone repairs. The Self Service Repair program will be available for people in the US next year and will reach more countries in 2022.

Furthermore, Apple boasts that it has doubled the number of service locations that have access to authentic parts and tools and has even expanded the Independent Repair Provider program to more than 200 countries. The Apple Authorized Centers continue to offer people easy repair options globally.

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