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“Apple One” Services Bundle Confirmed by Apple Music for Android

apple music features

An APK teardown of the latest Apple Music app for Android has revealed confirmation of “Apple One” bundles. The teardown by 9to5Google revealed multiple strings that refer to Apple One bundles for subscription to Apple’s services.

For the unaware, an earlier report from Bloomberg had claimed that Apple is working on creating bundles for its services. According to that report, the Cupertino giant was looking at bundling together two or more services into ‘Apple One’ bundles allowing users to save money when they subscribe to more than one Apple service.

Apple One bundles are likely going to be tiered. In fact, an earlier report claims that the lowest tier will bundle together Apple Music and Apple TV+. More expensive offerings, on the other hand, will add on services like Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and iCloud storage.

9to5Google’s teardown found the following strings that clearly refer to Apple One.

<string name=”applemusic_with_aristotle_subtext”>Included in Apple One %s</string>
<string name=”aristotle_main_subtext”>Subscription Bundle %s</string>
<string name=”aristotle_main_more_info”>Your Apple Music subscription will be included in Apple One starting %s. You will not be charged for both subscriptions.</string>

Those strings clearly confirm not only the existence of Apple bundling its services, but also that Apple will likely call its bundles Apple One. It’s noteworthy that Apple will probably not allow Apple Music users on Android to manage their Apple One subscription on-device. Instead, code found by 9to5Google hints that such functionality will be limited to Apple devices.

<string name=”aristotle_renewaloption_subtext”>You can manage your Apple One subscription using your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.</string>

Apple hasn’t made any announcements about Apple One so far. However, we may get to learn more about these bundles at the company’s scheduled September 15 event.

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