Apple Shows off New Emojis Coming to the iPhone This Fall

apple new emoji fall iphone

To celebrate the World Emoji Day, Apple has previewed some of the new emoji that are making their way to the iPhone this fall. The company published a blog showing off some of the new emoji that will be available in the iOS keyboard this fall, with the aim to make emojis more inclusive. Moreover, the company is looking to add more variety and fun to categories like food, animals, activities and more.

For one, users will now be able to customise, the skin tone of the hand-holding emojis, and their gender, in order to create up to 75 different combinations so they can use the combination they want to.

Apart from that, more disability themed emojis are being added to the keyboard including a new guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, a prosthetic arm, and more.

The company is also adding more emojis in other categories, including things like a yawning face, a one-piece swimsuit, waffles, butter and garlic, and new animals including sloths, flamingo, and more.

Over all, the company is going to add 59 new emoji to the iPhone keyboard this fall with a software update, adding on to the already thousands of emojis that are available to iPhone users. The company has created these new emoji based on the approved characters in Unicode 12.0.

So, are you looking forward to trying out these emoji on your iPhone and iPad this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Apple Newsroom
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