Apple AR Headset to Come with Iris Scanning for Enabling Payments

apple ar headset

Apple’s AR headset has been in the news for years now and we may finally get to see it become a reality next year. A lot of reports have emerged in the past with details about it and now we have some fresh information on it, which hints at the inclusion of an iris scanner.

New Apple AR Headset Details Surface

The latest report by The Information reveals that Apple might add an iris scanner to its AR/VR headset. This biometric authentication method will help people wearing the headset easily log into their accounts and even proceed with payments.

The functionality will scan the iris of the user wearing the headset, allowing different people to have their accounts logged in once they wear it. The internal cameras on the headset will be used for the purpose. These will also be used to track users’ eye movements to improve graphics fidelity. The out-of-focus areas will be rendered to make the visuals good without impacting the performance.

It is also revealed that Apple’s AR headset will come with around 14 cameras as opposed to the 10 cameras on the recently introduced Meta Quest Pro headset to allow for seamless motion tracking. The headset is also said to look different from Meta’s headset and will go for a more premium look. The design will include “mesh fabrics, aluminum, and glass.

Plus, it is expected to be lighter so that people can use it for a long time without any discomfort. Support for glasses with power may also be available, allowing people to magnetically attach them to the headset.

As for other details, the headset could come with two processors with Mac-level computing power, get two 8K displays, proper support for apps, gesture controls, and much more. And it could run RealityOS. You can check out our article on what we know about the Apple AR headset for a better idea.

Apple’s AR headset, which is highly expected to be an expensive offering, is likely to make its entry next year. But, we don’t have details from Apple, so, nothing is concrete as of now. Hence, it’s best to stay patient and wait for more details to surface. We won’t forget to let you know. Until then, do share your thoughts on the Apple AR Headset and tell us if support for iris scanning appears interesting to you in the comments below.

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