Apple Greenlights Epic Games Marketplace App in Europe

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In Short
  • The DMA saga continues as Apple rejects the Epic Games Store notarization, preventing the store from getting published on the App Store.
  • Apple claims the button placement for the marketplace is similar to Apple, confusing users in the process.
  • Later, Apple approves the notarization, allowing the storefront to be published on the App Store. However, this is temporary, and Epic Games needs to make the necessary changes.

The huge tussle between Epic Games and Apple is the worst-kept secret. Put simply, Epic Games believes that iPhone and iPad users should have access to alternate payment channels, so they launched their payment option. However, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, resulting in a long-winded battle.

As shared by the Epic Games Newsroom X account, Apple initially rejected the Epic Games Store marketplace notarization submission. According to the account, Apple claims the install button design and position in the marketplace is very similar to the App Store’s Get button and in-app purchase label.

Epic claims they use a similar design and naming convention used by multiple popular app stores on various platforms. They also claim the app uses standard conventions used for buttons in iOS.

However, Apple later approved the Epic Games marketplace app, with the condition that Epic Games fix its button and its layout. As per an X post by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, Apple has told reporters this change is temporary. Apple also expects Epic Games to change the buttons, which Sweeney claims will make the store “less standard and harder to use.”

It does feel like Apple is reaching to find a problem with this launch. As per EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation, Epic Games can freely publish its marketplace app and Fortnite on iOS and iPad.

The company also announced the return of Fortnite to iOS and iPad a few months back. However, with the current situation unfolding, it can become a headache for Fortnite makers if Apple does decide to stop the Fortnite launch for any reason.

For now, Tim Sweeney has said they’ll fight these claims and change it for good. Let us know your thoughts on these developments in the comments below.

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