Fortnite and Epic Games Store Are Coming to EU iPads Soon!

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In Short
  • In a recent press release, regulators classified iPadOS as a "digital gatekeeper," just like iOS.
  • After this report, Epic Games announced Fortnite and Epic Games Store for iPad.
  • Fortnite and Epic Games Store will arrive on iPhone soon and iPad later this year, as per Epic Games Newsroom.

The war between Apple and Epic Games feels like a never-ending story. After targeting iOS, the EU is now focusing on the iPad. According to the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation, iPadOS has been declared to be another digital “gatekeeper.” Pouncing on this decision, Fortnite makers Epic Games have now promised that Fortnite and Epic Games Store will be available on iPads later this year!

If we go by the regulations, Apple has six months to comply with new rules, which could include allowing app downloads outside the App Store. Failure to act could result in hefty fines for Apple. With these developments, many expect iPadOS to see changes similar to iOS, potentially opening the door for more app distribution options.

Epic Announces Fortnite for iPadOS

In a new X post, Epic Games Newsroom discussed the European Commission asking Apple to comply with the Digital Markets Act on iPads. This means that Fortnite and the Epic Games Store will now be available on iPads. The Fortnite account on X also sheds light on when Fortnite will be available for both iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s recent iOS 17.4 update addressed new EU regulations that promote fair competition in app marketplaces. While iOS 17.5 brings further refinements, iOS 17.4 introduced key changes like app sideloading on iPhones and adjustments to the App Store and Safari. These pave the way for Epic Games to return Fortnite to Apple devices under the EU’s ruling.

Keep in mind that these changes will be made only for EU countries. So, if you are an Apple user outside the EU, you might not have the fun of Fortnite yet. As Apple has to accept the changes following the Digital Markets Act, we are yet to see whether it would make it easier for developers to bring their apps to iOS and iPadOS.

Are you excited that Fortnite and Epic Games Store are coming to iPad? Do you think Fortnite should be available on iOS and iPadOS in all countries? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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