The Epic Games Mega Sale Is Here: 5 Best Deals to Get

Epic Game Store Mega Sale
Image Courtesy: Epic Games
In Short
  • Epic Games has begun its Epic Mega Sale.
  • The sale will take place from May 16 to June 13 and will include a plethora of games on discount.
  • While you won't get a discount coupon per purchase this year, you can earn Epic Reward Points, which give 5% back per purchase.

I just love the months of May and June. Besides GTA 6’s confirmed release date, I also woke up to the Epic Mega Sale! The sale officially began on May 16, at 11 AM ET, and plans to wrap up by June 13. As always, the sale comes with some amazing discounts on popular games.

However, this Mega Sale won’t give you a free discount coupon for the Epic Games Store. Instead, you’ll get a 5% back in Epic Rewards. So, the more you buy, the more reward points you get. Ultimately, you can spend these reward points to apply a discount on your next purchase.

Furthermore, the mystery games are coming back, replacing the weekly games. Epic Games Store users can claim a mystery game for free every week. So, this system is still the usual weekly game offering, except with more mystery behind it. This week, the store offered Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year. So, if you plan on trying that out, you are in luck.

Epic Mega Sale 2024: Best Deals

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay
Image Courtesy: Remedy Entertainment

While there are tons of games currently on sale in the store right now, there are some that are just better than others. To help you out, I decided to pick out the five best deals to get in the Epic Mega Sale 2024. Here they are:

As you can see, bestsellers like Alan Wake 2 (review) and Read Dead Redemption 2 are on sale right now. However, if you want some Metroidvania action, I highly recommend picking up Price of Persia right now!

So do you plan on getting anything in the Epic Games sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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