Fortnite Maker Epic Games Allegedly Hacked; Developer Denies Claims

Epic Games internal data hacked cover
Image Courtesy: Epic Games
In Short
  • A new hacker gang, Mogilevich, claims to have hacked Epic Games' internal data worth 189 GB.
  • The hacked data contains email, passwords, full name, payment information, source code, and other data, according to the hacker gang spokesperson.
  • The data is up for sale according to the gang with a deadline of March 4.

If we had a penny for every time we reported on hacks and layoffs, we would be a lot richer. It sadly seems that game developers’ data getting breached by ransomware gangs has become a common occurrence. After a massive data breach at Rockstar Games and recently Insomniac Games, it now seems Epic Games is the latest victim. According to reports by CyberDaily, a gang by the name of Mogilevich has claimed to have successfully hacked the Fortnite maker.

As stated in the report, Mogilevich has “quietly carried out an attack to [sic] Epic Games’ servers.” The gang further claims to have 189 gigabytes of data, including “email, passwords, full name, payment information, source code, and many other data”.

The information is up for sale as per the message put on the site. It also includes a hyperlink that says “If you are an employee of the company or someone who would like to buy the data, click on me“.

The gang has given Epic Games a deadline of March 4 for someone to buy the data. It is to be noted that the gang has not mentioned any fixed sum for the data’s selling price. Furthermore, Mogilevich has not posted any proof-of-hack material, unlike Rhysida did with the Insomniac Games hack last year.

Editor’s Note: This post was last updated on February 28 at 8:15 PM IST to include the official statement from Epic Games

Epic Games Official Statement

In the latest update, VGC has heard from Epic Games on this matter. In an official statement, Epic Games says,

We are investigating but there is currently zero evidence that these claims are legitimate,… Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any proof of the veracity of these allegations”

Further talking on this matter, Epic Games adds, “The closest thing we have seen to a response is this tweet, where they allegedly ask for $15k and proof of funds to hand over the purported data.”

While Insomniac Games posted a note on its socials regarding the data breach, Epic Games did not react on this matter right away. Epic is known for its development of Fortnite and its games store.

The publisher has also contributed to other collaborative efforts for the betterment of the gaming industry recently. With a huge Disney collaboration in development, the data breach can be an unfortunate event for the company.

With another ransomware attack, it seems the hackers are not stopping anywhere. What do you think about this data breach? Let us know in the comments below.

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