Android 11 Beta 2 Finally Adds Support for Internal Audio to the Screen Recorder

android 11 screen recorder internal audio

Android 11 is currently being tested in beta, and there are a lot of new features here. When we last talked about Android 11 features in our video, I said that the screen recorder needs support for internal audio. Well, it seems Google has decided to bring that feature to Android 11 now.

With Android 11 beta 2, there are a couple of new changes that I noticed. One is that the screen recording icon is completely different now, and I like it. However, more importantly you can now record device audio while screen recording.

When you tap on the screen recorder icon in quick settings, you can now select between three options.

  • Microphone
  • Device audio
  • Device audio and microphone

I’m also pretty happy to see the third option there, because that could be really useful if you’re trying to record game footage to share on YouTube. With device audio and microphone, you can record your commentary at the same time as you are playing the game. I’m sure there are other use cases for that feature, but this is the one off the top of my head.

Anyway, with this new addition, the native screen recorder in Android 11 is finally something that’s useful. Most other changes that I’ve noticed in Android 11 beta 2 so far are minor ones. However, we are still looking for other changes, so check back to get the latest on Android 11.

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