One Piece Ancient Weapons: Everything We Know

In Short
  • The world of One Piece is confirmed to have three ancient weapons, namely Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.
  • Pluton is the first ancient weapon discussed in One Piece, and it is a technologically advanced battleship.
  • Poseidon is a living weapon, a mermaid that has the power to communicate and control the Sea Kings in One Piece.
  • Uranus is an ancient weapon in control of the World Government, powered by the Mother Flame, that can wipe out islands.

The Ancient Weapons are one of the mysteries that have kept us pondering over their past and their current existence since the Arabasta arc days. Currently, in the One Piece manga, Vegapunk is busy sharing a message with the world, talking about these weapons of mass destruction. Thus, if you are wondering about the Ancient Weapons in One Piece, including what they are, how they were made, and when were used, then keep reading.

What Are the Ancient Weapons in One Piece

One Piece Ancient Weapons: Everything We Know
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom Wiki)

Over time, in some of the most important arcs in One Piece, we slowly started to learn about what these weapons are and what they are capable of. In a nutshell, the ancient weapons are ominously said to have the ability to destroy an entire realm of One Piece.

There are three ancient weapons in One Piece, namely Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

As you can see, these weapons are named after the Greek Gods in real life. These weapons come in different shapes and their powers are associated with the Greek gods’ powers. Furthermore, if you are interested in knowing where these weapons are or who possesses them, read about each of the ancient weapons below.


Pluton's Blue Print in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom Wiki)
  • Debut: Anime Episode 117 & Manga Chapter 192
  • Current Location: Old Wano Country

Pluton is the first ancient weapon to be discussed briefly in One Piece. We have yet to see Pluton in the manga and anime so far. Pluton is a technologically advanced battleship that has earned the title of “World’s Worst Battleship.”

It is said to be able to wipe an entire island with just one hit. Now, you can understand why this battleship was considered as one of the world-ending weapons.

The first reference to Pluton was made by Crocodile in the Arabasta arc. It was discussed in-depth later in the Water 7 Arc as the blueprints to build this warship were unveiled. The Pluton was first built by skillful shipwrights on Water 7 island and is confirmed to be located inside a cavern of the submerged Mt. Fuji in the Old Wano Country. So, one can say that Pluto is in the possession of the current Shogun Kozuki Momonosuke, and it will be utilized only after Wano Country’s borders are opened.

For years, the Pluton blueprint has been passed on to skilled shipwrights by their masters. Even though this weapon had already been made, its blueprint was still kept hidden. Because if Pluton ends up in the hands of the enemies, they’d have the source to build another warship and counter them.

However, as the blueprint of Pluton was sought by the World Government, Franky (a member of Straw Hat Pirates) burnt the blueprints to a crisp during the Ennies Lobby arc.


One Piece Ancient Weapons: Everything We Know
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom Wiki)
  • Debut: Anime Episode 531 & Manga Chapter 612
  • Current Location: Ryugu Kingdom, Fishman Island

Throughout our journey through the seas of One Piece, we see gigantic sea creatures, commonly known as Sea Kings, who can obliterate anything in their path. Now imagine if someone had the power to communicate and control the Sea Kings at will, they are known as Poseidon.

Unlike the other two ancient weapons, Poseidon is a living being (a special mermaid). Poseidon of the current era is none other than Princess Shirahoshi of Ryugu Kingdom, as evidenced by her father’s conversation with Nico Robin.

Before Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess who lived during the Void Century era is considered the previous person who was bestowed with this power. We know that Joy Boy and the Princess had an unknown relationship which led to Joy Boy’s apology in a poneglyph.

Furthermore, it’s stated that Poseidon is often reborn as a princess of the Ryugu Kingdom every few centuries. As per legends, these special Mermaid princesses will cross paths with someone who can help channel their abilities. This refers to Luffy becoming the guide for Shirahoshi in the future.


Lulusia destroyed in One Piece
Image Courtesy: IMDb
  • Debut: Anime Episode 570 & Manga Chapter 650
  • Current Location: the Holy Land, Mary Geoise

At last, we have confirmation regarding the final ancient weapon, Uranus. Vegapunk revealed that Uranus is in possession of the World Government (aka Imu). This is the weapon they used to completely wipe out the Lulusia Kingdom at the start of the Egghead arc.

This sends a clear message. Uranus can be used to shoot powerful laser beams that can annihilate everything in its way, leaving no trace behind.

Uranus needs to be powered by an energy source, in this case, the Mother Flame that’s invented by Dr. Vegapunk to unleash its wrath. The usage of Uranus has also caused severe repercussions that is the rise in sea levels, which is causing the entire world to sink below the oceans. With this weapon in the wrong hands, we don’t know what awaits us.

That is everything we know about the three ancient weapons in One Piece at the moment. Joy Boy remarked that these ancient weapons must be passed on to the next generation, as also revealed by Roger Pirates and in Vegapunk’s message. We still have a long way to go to learn about these mass destruction weapons in One Piece.

That said, which ancient weapon do you think is the strongest? Tell us in the comments below.

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