One Piece Chapter 1114: First Look at the Mother Flame!

In Short
  • Mother Flame is an energy source when used with ancient weapons has the potential to end the planet. It has been developed at Egghead Island by Dr. Vegapunk.
  • The Mother Flame was unveiled with a double spread when St. Saturn entered this powerplant in One Piece chapter 1114.
  • It was revealed that the Mother Flame was a fire burning surrounded by water inside a giant tank.

One Piece Chapter 1114 was one of the most groundbreaking chapters in the history of the series, as it finally answered some of the longstanding mysteries in this world. At the start of the Egghead arc, Imu destroyed the Lulusia kingdom with the help of a possible ancient weapon that was powered by the Mother Flame. All fans have since been wondering what the Mother Flame looks like and it was finally answered in the recent One Piece chapter 1114.

If you are not aware, Dr. Vegapunk, the smartest man in the world, invented this world-ending substance known as the “Mother Flame.” It was mentioned that the Mother Flame was created in a powerplant at Egghead Island.

During the attempt to stop Dr. Vegapunk’s message from being broadcast to the world, one of the Five Elders, St. Saturn entered the powerplant and the Mother Flame was finally shown to fans in a legendary double spread.

The Mother Flame was shown to exist in a giant tank, with the fire burning surrounded by water. It looked similar to how the Vegapunks described an undying flame that powered this futuristic island. The words “S-108” and “A&Mu” were inscribed on this gigantic tank.

Whilst we don’t know what it means officially, fans were calling the latter a wordplay for “Atomu,” which means atom. We are left to wonder more about what this substance contained in a gigantic water tank can do.

Eagle-eyed fans have also started to decipher that Mother Flame’s design was already foreshadowed in Enel’s cover story, which I think syncs well with Oda’s plans. That said, let us know your thoughts about this scary yet intriguing Mother Flame invention in the comments below.

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